Speaking of holiday travel.

In a busy life, shivering comes before imagining going beyond one’s familiar boundaries without a holiday. So how many handfuls of unemployed days are available in life? I got such an idle day last Wednesday. When I was thinking about this after finishing my handiwork, I got a call from Jewel Runner that I would go home early today. Where is brother? If you are free, come and see me. I asked Rana Bhai to come to King Ismail Bhai’s shop in old Dhaka. How long do I not cross the path of happiness and sorrow, how long do I not travel?



At exactly 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I entered Ismail Bhai’s shop and saw Jewel Bhai tapping. Dear reader, before you think of anything obscene, don’t say that he works as a sweeper of TOB (Traveler of Bangladesh) in his free time. Mobile is his sweeping tool. After half an hour of happiness and sorrow, Rana Bhai said, let’s go and eat the food of brother Ansar Ali.



The work that is said. I left with King Ismail Bhai on the way to Soari Ghat. I am walking through the narrow alleys of old Dhaka. All Suez Canals cut the road 6 The hearts of the poor travelers weep over the arrogance of the rickshaw. Today I can’t ride a rickshaw because I am poor. What would have happened without King Ismail Bhai of old Dhaka? It was about half-past five when I came to Soari Ghat




When I came to the wharf, I saw that the water bus of BIWT was leaving for Gabtali. Without thinking, I got on the water bus, a symbol of misery. We will go down openly. The water bus is running slowly and we are enjoying the rainy Buriganga. In the rainy season, our favorite Buriganga has become the queen of youth. The Buriganga on the banks of which the city of Dhaka was once built is very proud of our negligence.



My father used to say that at one time the water of this Buriganga was dark blue His water was so clear. We actually see a little bit of rain in that form So Buriganga is the rain queen for our old Dhaka people. I sat on the water bus and watched the magic water play. Sometimes she’s blue, sometimes she’s turquoise, sometimes she’s dull. Ah Buriganga, what is your form! Did Mr. Taylor see this form and say that when the Buriganga is full of water in the rainy season, Dhaka looks like Venice from a distance?



Mukarram Khan, the subaddar of Bengal, worked to enhance the beauty of the Buriganga. During his time, the river bank was illuminated and the boatmen lit lanterns. So Mr. Taylor did not commit any sin by comparing Dhaka with Venice from a distance. In the change of time, the heritage and beauty of the river have been captured in the pages of history The Buriganga shows a glimpse of history during the rainy season. I rode in the clouds of the blue sky floating on the raft of water. I arrived at the end of the nostalgic journey to see the life floating on the banks of the river in the breeze and the touch of the soft sun.



I said at the beginning of the story that our water bus service is a symbol of misery. The water bus service on the Sadarghat-Gabtali waterway in the capital was supposed to be a symbol of people’s confidence. There is a swarm of corruption in the water bus service. Water bus on the way to sink. There is no one to see, no one to tell. Despite the pressure of so many passengers on this route, the poet’s silence arouses deep suspicion. Two water buses are making terrible jokes with the passengers. Traveling is not just about enjoying the beauty. Sometimes we have to highlight the country, the ten.



I would like to say a few words about Ismail Bhai who always gets views without disturbing the readers The heart of a simple old Dhakaiya Kutti man is as big as a biryani. He is also a picture insect with travel insects. He gets views wherever he goes. We went down to the open launch terminal and took some traveling photography in that view. This traveling society will not believe when they see the water of the blue Buriganga, so the trick of blurring the picture and calling it Tanguar Haor was ruined due to the Bersik building on the bank of the river. This time I got out of the terminal.



Leaving the terminal, he turned left and went to reserve CNG. I flew a little further for 200 rupees. I got on a battery-powered auto and a weird hybrid version of Nasimon. The front part is tempo-like and the back has no passenger head canopy. Bhuriyal three people are sitting in it with a lot of difficulties. He started walking strangely. In the drunken air of the last afternoon, a strange feeling awakens in my mind. I wish the world was a kite. I used to fly with some haughty story in that blue sky.



The combination of green all around intensifies the call of that nostalgia. We got off the corner and sat in the battery-powered rickshaw. On the road, under the pressure of the bus-truck, three passengers are running at high speed at the turn of Salam chair. The sun is setting. Calling for a lonely evening. Jewel Rana got down from the rickshaw to take this picture of the golden-red aura of the sun. I silently asked for the sky. I am lost in the darkness of the last afternoon sun. Fascination means the sky. And this Akashlina lover always wraps me in a sheet of clouds. I remember Jibanananda’s poem-


Suranjana, don’t go there,
Bolonako talks to that young man;
Come back Suranjana:
The night filled with the silver fire of the stars;
Come back to this field, the waves;
Come back to my heart;
Far, far away
Don’t go with the young man anymore.
What are you talking about? With him!
In the sky behind the sky
You are like clay today:
Her love becomes grass.
Your heart is grass today:
Wind on the other side of the wind:
The sky beyond the sky.
At the end of the love affair, I reached Ansar Ali Bhai’s shop. Until then



Ray came down in the evening. Ansar Ali’s famous Khuda Vaka has intoxicated this evening’s gathering. Fried eggs with four or five stalks and hard red. Ah! What else do you want in life? Kana Bhai (I sometimes refer to him as such a naughty person with love because he has a lot in common with Rana. The author himself is Kanababa, No Hard Feelings). In a word, it tastes like tofa.



There is nothing to say about Ansar Ali’s brother. He is a happy man who is powerful today in the campaign of cyclist brothers However, this time he has increased the retail price to Tk 45 per plate. Then there is no shortage of customers. Happy people walk in the last afternoon or enjoy the evening sky. So I had to call the happy man. How many years later. At the end of the patch of happiness and sorrow, it is time to say goodbye. Let’s go back to Suranjana in her own place, in the crowd of her own people. Will be seen again at one end of Bengal.

Note: Unemployed brothers, student society, group of lovers who are unable to travel due to lack of money, easily see the cost of 135 rupees to see the appearance of rural Bengal and stomach irritation with a small bhaka. From Sowari Ghat, come to Kholamora on a launch or water bus for 10 taka to see the form of Buriganga. Konakhola with a rent of 10 rupees per person from Kholamora. Reserve rickshaw from Konakhola 50 rupees. In one rickshaw, two people are reading 25.




The hotel will drop you off at Sohana at once. After that Ansar Ali Bhai’s retail price was 45 rupees. Come back the same way when you arrive. But keep in mind that the last launch to go to Sowari Ghat will leave at 8 pm. But then you have to swim and come to Soari Ghat. However, the poet does not know from which part of Dhaka he will come to the old Dhaka riding ghat and how much it will cost.



Note: Rain is actually an old story that sometimes feels good to tell a new twist. The stories will remain, the people will not remain. So come and read at the end of the rainy season on the banks of the Buriganga of life.


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