Spotted Lake – A lake of exotic beauty.

A lake is a unique combination of natural beauty. The value of the lake as a symbol of natural beauty is therefore always high. Soundaryapipasura is fascinated by the stunning water and natural beauty of the lake. There are innumerable lakes of indescribable beauty scattered all over the world. Some of these lakes have different levels of features and beauty. One such lake of beauty is Spotted Lake in Canada. So let’s find out some information about Spotted Lake.






Spotted Lake is located next to a desert in Osoyo, British Columbia, Canada. The locals call this lake Klilak. This lake does not look like ten lakes anymore. There is a touch of diversity in everything from its composition to the color of the water. The lake is made up of many small round reservoirs. And the color of its water also changes constantly. The color of the water in this lake varies from time to time. The lake has become an interesting tourist attraction for its colorful and diverse structures. Originally in summer, the various forms of this lake can be seen. The water of the lake is divided into different colors such as white, yellow and green. Which looks amazing.
Mineral salts are the cause of these various colors of water and various properties. The water of this lake is rich in salt and marine minerals. There are many more minerals including magnesium sulphate, titanium, calcium, sodium sulphate.











As the water evaporates in the summer sun, various designs of mineral salts are formed on the surface of the lake water. From a distance, they look like colorful round circles. These are small reservoirs and their water color is different. Due to the more or less presence of each mineral, the color of each reservoir varies. The color of the water is sometimes red, sometimes blue or green due to the small plant particles in the water of the lake.

The indigenous people think that this lake has the power to cure diseases. If this water is sprinkled on the cut area, the wound will heal. Each pool of water can cure different diseases. They have many kinds of beliefs about the water of this lake. They consider it a sacred lake. The salt of this lake was also used to make explosives during the First World War. This lake was previously under private ownership. Later local tribesmen bought it for preservation. There is a small house near this lake and there is a signboard that says something about the healing properties of this lake. You can’t go very close to this lake. However, it is possible to see its full beauty from a little distance. The best time to visit this lake is from June to September. During this time you will see the beauty of the water of different colors together.


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