St. Martin.

An island spread over 9 km at the end of Bangladesh! Wherever the eyes go, only blue and blue! Today’s post is basically to show the dangerous side of St. Martin! In the previous post, many people asked which side is dangerous! I could not show the reason for not having pictures! I found the video with great difficulty, I thought it was deleted! The video is in front of the St. Martin shipyard, where the ship is crowded! You can see only blue and blue as far as the eye can see! Even inside the blue, nature is hiding with some of its horrible forms. It is called Cinnamon Beach! That’s the scariest place in St. Martin! There are red flags, but we do not keep that in mind! Anyway, everyone will avoid this aspect! Last year Some Students went to a varsity tour, there and died 2-3!




And the names of two terrible places! Those who cycle from St. Martin to Cheradip island must know the tidal time from the locals! Because the road you go through, when the tide comes, the road will sink! There are many small and big holes in that road, which you can’t see when the tide, then big accidents will happen!




Another thing to keep in mind all the time, that is the coral reefs of Chheradwip! The corals are so slippery and stagnant that those who have been victims of accidents will understand! So always wear good quality shoes, and be a little more careful! Enjoy some time so that our precious life is not lost!




And for those who are confused about scuba, I say scuba can be done in St. Martin! They have an office a little away from the ghat! It is better not to scuba for those who do not know how to swim '!A few things are very much needed in St. Martin!

1 / ID card: On the way to Teknaf, you have to be harassed by BGB, army, police a few times if you go by Marine Drive! So it is better to have an ID card with you!



2 / Sunscreen and glasses: Lots of sunshine in St. Martin, it’s best to use sunglasses and sunscreen when you go to the beach! I Gave a lot of knowledge, if I have made a mistake, Please see the vision of forgiveness!



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