St.Martin and trawler travel.

For a long time, I wanted to go to Coconut Ginger in a trawler in the off-season. Although there are many people at the time of planning, the number of people who come at the end of the day decreases at a disproportionate rate. This is what happened during my tour. I left for Teknaf by Shyamoli bus on Saturday night. Ukhia reached 8 at 8 in the morning Our ticket was canceled till Teknaf but the man at the counter mistakenly gave us a ticket in Ukhia car. Later when the supervisor said that the bus would not run after that, after showing the ticket, he himself picked us up on our local bus.


Going by local bus to Teknaf bus stand. Destroyed hills and Rohingya camps all around.
Arrived at Teknaf bus stand at 8 around 10 am From there I went by auto-rickshaw to Trawler Ghat. There were many gula groups that day. I bought a ticket for 220 tk and went to the market for breakfast.


Due to the low tide, the trawler started its journey after 11.30 am. I have seen in many posts that if I go to the trawler, I am afraid of the rough waves of the sea. But today the sea is calm so I didn’t feel any roller coaster. The sea is calm as a river now.

Bluewater all around, blue water wherever I look. Luckily I saw a dolphin, although I’m not sure if it’s a dolphin !!!! However, according to the locals they are dolphins!

When I reached the jetty at 2 pm, I ate and drank. The rice and rice were hard on him.
Rooms were already booked at the resort. Dream Night Resort A7 This resort is located at West Beach. Impossibly beautifully arranged.

. Luckily I got 3 brothers from Bogra even though Niaz Morshed Bhai had already revealed the question whether there is Noman Bhai ….. we are all from Bogra in the whole resort. It’s a different matter.

I entered a house next to the resort with salutations. I said, if you give me coconut from the tree, I will eat dab. I ate coconut for 25 tk and left it in 10 more rooms .. I will not come to St. Martin to eat dab !!!!
According to Pichchi, I like her, so she is selling young dabs. This dub season is reserved for him.

Sitting at the resort’s hammock, it was evening. The evening sky was even more terribly beautiful.

At 6 o’clock in the evening, we all went to the market together. We rented a bicycle for 20 rupees. Singara at a frying pan at the corner of the market is a lot of test 6 I bought chicken for dinner and cycled to the resort again.

The elder brothers had a treat at night. Haider Bhai is the manager of the resort. The cooking at night is so salty that none of us can eat it.

After eating, we all sat down and chatted. Nomna Bhai had a problem. I have to take a picture with Milky Way. We were lucky that the sky was full that day and the Milky Way. The sight of them falling from the sky was memorable. Noman Bhai has good research on astrology.

From 3 pm on the west beach, we toured the entire island of Bogra. Pael’s brother, however, was frightened and left the room. At the end of West Beach, at Humayun Sir’s resort, we found 6 decapitated bodies a few days ago. Fearing this, Payal Bhai did not let us go anymore.

Then Hammock fell asleep this night. I woke up in the morning and saw the huge roar of the sea.
The Noman brothers seemed a lot left alone today. I went to the market at around 10 in the morning and rented a bicycle and went around the beach in the hot sun. I wanted to go to Chheradwip. But in the heat of the sun, there was no desire. I came back The sun is shining at St. Martin’s. So it is better to take flower sleeves cloth.

I went to the resort after having lunch in the market all day. I took a swing at the hammock of the resort and went down in the evening. I didn’t go to Chheradwip today because of the hot sun. So I planned to go to Cheradwip in the morning.
I walked along the beach at night … Two more groups arose. I can say that I was disturbed by their activities. Do they come to St. Martin to listen to music with Bluetooth speakers? Or I don’t understand when it comes to feeling loneliness in St. Martin. The beach is very clean. A few days ago, TOB brother Brother took 555 kg of plastic. Even after this, we are polluting this island every day.

St. Martin at night is a little different. Silence all around and the sound of water splashing on the beach. It can be said that it is annoying to go to the market as the resort is far away from the market. Screaming.
The food package system in the market. This system of chickens, fish, eggs. The reason for the high price of food is that they have to bring everything from Teknaf. Everything except coconuts and fish has to be brought from Teknaf.

We eat at the resort .. I have eaten a lot of dab in these few days. As the water is saline, the pressure on the coconut has increased.

The next morning at 5.30 am I started walking along the west beach for Chheradwip. I had a plan to go to Chheradwip on foot .. I kept walking along the beach. A dog left the island with us at 5.30 in the morning. The whole road went with us. I saw the whole St. Martin’s walk.

A family lives near Chheradwip. They sell coconuts and lunch. I am very jealous to see them. They live alone on a whole secluded island. No fear, what a life.

Chheradwip is another beautiful place. Coral and coral all around. The whole St. Martin tie is actually in coral Filled. This is the only coral island in Bangladesh. I wanted to pick up a plastic bottle at Chheradwip but I couldn’t go the afternoon before because I had less time today. I am sorry. , With that dog. On the way to the resort, I miss the trawler that day at around 10 o’clock. I was forced to stay for another day.

I slept all day that day. And brother Raihan went to the jetty to fish alone. Brother’s fish and forehead did not join. At 11 o’clock at night, the brother tried to catch fish at the jetty, but he did not catch it even after fishing once. Alas.

I woke up early the next morning. I told him the night before to cook khichuri. Sit on the beach and have breakfast with khichuri and eggs in the morning. Ah !!. Peace. Full khichuri with only 60 rupees.

I went to the market in the morning and chatted with member Habib Bhai for a long time. The impossibly good man seemed to talk ৷ After accepting the invitation of tea, we had tea and chatted together. The brother discussed various issues with us. There is no doctor in St. Martin. There is a doctor by name, they do not stay here. No secretary/minister actually comes the day before and when the minister / MP leaves. They are neglected in doctors and medical services

After saying goodbye to Habib Bhai, I got on the trawler and left for Teknaf. Even today, the sea is calm but it is very sunny. My skin is burnt in the sun.
I didn’t want to leave. I thought I would stay on this island for a few more days and months. There is no noise, there is no retreat

I reached Teknaf at 1 pm. I took CNG and went to Cox’s Bazar by Marine Drive. If I don’t go to Cox’s Bazar, the tour will seem incomplete to me.


Dhaka to Teknaf: 900 (non AC)
Teknaf to Saint Martin to Teknaf: 220 + 220 (Trawler)
Resort: 800 * 3 ঃ 2400 per night (room for 4 people)
Lunch: 150 per day
Breakfast: 50
Coconut: 25 Tk back
Teknaf to Cox’s Bazar: With 250 Marine Drive
Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka: 600 non AC
Bicycle in 3 days: 300 rupees
Dream Night Resort Number: 01825656326 (Brother Haider, Manager)

St. Martin’s season ahead. Many tourists will visit, please be aware of plastic. The island is our resource So it is our responsibility to keep it clean.


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