St.Martin Tour Plan.

A few days ago, we visited St. Martin’s and Cox’s Bazar in a group of 10 people. In this 2 night, 3-day tour we have spent TK. 3850 per person. For those of you who are budget travelers like us, here are the details of the full cost.






Our journey starts from Sayedabad to Hanif non AC bus at 7:30 pm. Rent 900 TK, up to Teknaf.
Here I am presenting the Per Person cost.





Arrive at Teknaf and have breakfast for 50 TK. Up and down-ticket of the ship is 550 TK. It’s a standing ticket. You will reach St. Martin at one o’clock in the afternoon to see the Naf River and the sea. From here we bought a big room for 10 people in Riyadh Guest House for 8000 TK. 80 tk per person. Then I took a package of 150 TK for lunch. Rice, pulses, vegetables as desired. Tuna fish weighing 1,200 grams, per person. Then go to the beach with a little rest, take a bath and come back to the room. Then rent a bicycle and go out to tour the whole island. 2-hour bicycle rent 60 rupees. Go to the far end of the island and come back to watch the sunset. Then order a barbecue for the night and go to the beach to enjoy the waves of the sea. It costs us 200 TK per person for a chicken barbecue. He also gave a half kg coral fry for an extra 200 TK. If it’s a barbecue, they’ll let you know by phone. If you want to eat, you can go to the beach. Or go to the room.



Get up early in the morning, and go out to see the sunrise. Then after breakfast for 50 TK, sit in the trawler of Chhera Dwip. 150 TK up and down. Spend 1:30 hours there and come back to St. Martin by 12 o’clock. Now go to the beach to take a bath. Be careful to avoid the area covered with red cloth. Come back from the beach at 1:30 and have lunch again in a package of 150 TK. Then board the ship going to Teknaf before 3 o’clock. You will reach Teknaf at 6 o’clock. Sit in a car going to Cox’s Bazar for 150 TK per person. And one more thing everyone should keep with National ID card or varsity ID card. This is the way police are checking.




Arrive Cox’s Bazar by 8:30 pm. We rented a double two-room at Sea Hill Hotel for 2000 TK. 200 per person. 150 TK per person by combining dinner. After that, we chatted on the beach till many nights and came back to the hotel at around 3 o’clock. After breakfast at 50 TK per person in the morning, I left for Himchhari, in an auto. Up and down per person 50 TK. I returned to the hotel at 12:00. The night before, I had booked a return ticket to Dhaka for 800 TK. I returned from Himchhari and took a bath on the beach. It costs 150 TK per person for lunch. It is better to say that our hotel check-out ends at 12:00 and we take a room for 800 TK. Since our bus was at 9:30 p.m. After lunch, I went to the beach with a little rest to watch the sunset. After spending the evening in the Burmese market, we walked around the beach and came back to the hotel at 9 o’clock. Then I checked out of the hotel and got on the night bus to Dhaka.

The video below is made on the way from St. Martin to Chheradwip.

Ship Ticket Booking Number – 01823438150
(Jalal Bhai)

Riyadh Guest House – 01860617152 (Nazir’s brother)


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