St. Martin Travel Story

I wanted to go to St. Martin for so long, but I couldn’t find anyone as a tour companion. Then that dream came true with the initiative of Sohan Bhai. Today I will say St. The story of Martin’s visit.



St. Martin’s tour spent the night in a tent as if in the middle of a dream.


I will go on 09 • 11 • 17 as if time does not pass. Oh one thing, I’m pretty sure I’m going by a trawler, so I watched some videos of the trawler ride on St. Martin’s on YouTube. I was scared after watching the video. Then, out of fear, thinking of victory, I left for Shyamoli Arambagh counter. Needless to say, none of my friends wanted me to take such a risk. Then ask your mother where are you going? ? I told him I was going where you heard me. I went out to say this. I left the 8 o’clock bus a little earlier and got acquainted with the brothers. After finishing the class from my friend Sudur Bashundhara Awasik, my friends came to me in 40 minutes to do See off (This is call Love). I reached Teknaf talking to my brother in the side seat all the way. There were 20 of us from Dhaka. Our team leader Sohan Bhai was in Teknaf.




6:40 a.m., then a lot of time on hand. The tide is flowing, the trawler will leave at 1 o’clock. After breakfast, we split into 2 teams like ourselves and went out to walk around. A group went to Marine Drive and we went to Shah Pari Island. On the way, the BGB check post next to the Rohingya camp stopped us, and we couldn’t go any further. After that, some brothers came back to the Rohingya camp. Then everyone backed to the Teknaf bus stand. 6 more joined us like this. We now have about 30 members. We all had lunch at Teknaf. We started our journey in the trawler after Friday prayers. By the sea, I saw some Rohingya trawlers sinking in Bangladesh. Arrived in St. Martin at sunset. I set up the tent. We took the market from Teknaf for cooking. Muntasim brother’s hand duck khichuri at night ahhhh’





It was a pity that Poonima did not have a moon. But after a while, the sky was full of stars. Which instantly filled the lack of the moon.
Then some of us went down to the sea. I skipped for a while. All travel fatigue seemed to go away in an instant.
I went back to the tent feeling very relaxed, I fell asleep watching the roar of the sea and the stars in the sky. I woke up in the morning to the roar of the sea, this is a great feeling.
After breakfast, I went to Chhera Island with Life Boat, turned around, and returned. While backing up, some of the brothers walked back to St. Martin. I ate a lot of Green coconuts, in fact, the water of coconut can not be finished by drinking water of great taste. The people of the resort were given the responsibility of preparing food that day. After playing hand football in the sea for some time, I had lunch and went around doing whatever I wanted. After eating and drinking, Asor sat down at night to sing, we sang together, sometimes together or sometimes alone. The background sound was the roar of the ocean, the shore of the ocean was the stage of our song and our audience was millions of stars in the sky, they were flashing and letting us know that they were listening. The song ended at about 1:30. Then my two friends including me are not coming to sleep. We started walking towards the jetty. Going to the jetty, we discovered another new beauty, half a moon in the sky and millions of stars guarding it. All in all, I know how they created Hypnosis. There were some local people fishing with a rod, one of them took the rod and we sat for some time even though we didn’t catch fish, I know it’s a matter of patience to fish but what happens if the rate of patience is close to sleep. I went back to our camp from this side and from the side of sleep and silence surrounded my small tent.






The next day I ate coral fry and dab as I wished and left for Teknaf in a trawler at 11 o’clock. After lunch I left for Cox’s Bazar via Marine Drive. Arrived in the afternoon. After coming to Kalatali beach, it seemed that I have come to hell after visiting the kingdom of heaven. It is a burden to see the seafood in such a crowd of people.
Where St. Martin’s whole beach was just us.
I got on the Dhaka bus at 9:30 and then left for Dhaka in the morning.
Dhaka-Teknaf-Saint Martin-Teknaf-Marine Drive-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka
In short, all costs are:
Dhaka to Teknaf bus – 900 TK
Getting to and from Teknaf to St. Martin’s Trawler – TK. 500 (Genuine fare for coming and going trawler from us or Tk. 150 to Tk. 300)

You can ship from 550 to 1000/1500 Tk(round trip)
Come to Chhera Island by reserve boat – 150 Tk.

3 hours in Teknaf, 5 hours in St. Martin, 2 meals between bus and return – Tk. 1150 (inclusive of a common room and kitchen bill)

Teknaf to Cox’s Bazar – 200 Tk
Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka – 600 TK
Some more retail costs – 200 Tk.


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