St. Martin.

The blue sea opened the gate of the cottage. A little to the left of the gate is actually a tea shop made with bash. Although the tea is a 30-second drive from the cottage, I had to hurry to get here.
After dinner I went around 10 pm I could not go to the store because of the strong waves. When the waves went down a little, I ran to the store. The waves actually enter the water inside the shop, there are special arrangements for that. There are small sandbags. If you sit on a chair and put your feet on the sack, your feet will not get wet in water … Although the taste of tea was disgusting, I ate 3 cups. After tasting the coffee, I thought I was eating rice, but I don’t know why, I thought it wouldn’t be good if I didn’t have a cup sitting here, …
I sat with a mug of coffee until midnight. Thousands of stars in the sky roared the sea, time seemed to pass quickly.
Shahabuddin’s brother bought dab. I looked at my watch so I didn’t get the test, I shared it with them and it tasted good. Joy is running around with the camera. Talking to shopkeepers about Rohingya topics …
Tama and Oishee are sitting and listening to the story and eating dab.
The waves subsided around 12 o’clock at night when I was sitting in front of the chair. At that time, Joy took the picture …….
The times will be golden memories.


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