St. Martin’s paradise of heaven.

I wrote so many travel stories but forgot how to write about such a memorable night in St. Martin! I asked the question myself but did not get the right answer. But yes, I have a responsibility to myself. That is, most of the writing is about recent travel experiences, so a few days ago the travel experience was suppressed and moved on to the current fresh travel feeling.


Yet in my mind, I began to squeal with the infinite regret of not writing about such a memorable night, for a few days. But I could not get up on time. As soon as I got some time, I jumped to write about that thrilling night in my own way. But let’s start the story

Don’t assume, you are now on an island to embrace a silent beauty. The island is lined with coconut groves and a Keya forest between the islands. Large piles of rocks surround the island so that the big waves crash into you listening to melodious music. Sitting on a dam made of large artistic stone carved in the middle of the sea, watching the golden sunrise or crimson sunset. The silver story of unbearable beauty is hidden even in the moonlit night.
The name of such a beautiful island is “Chheradwip”. The silent beauty of which will refresh your mind in a moment. It is the southernmost point in Bangladesh, consisting of a few small islands a short distance south of the Teknaf territory. About half of the island is submerged in tidal waters and separated from the main island. Then at low tide, you can walk to Chheradwip from there


If you have a book in your hand in such an environment, it can be said like a poem by Omar Khayyam

“This is the bottom line
I’m curious about you
How many days will I spend?
With the vessel of Robe Sura
Just a few meals
Another verse with a sweet poem in hand. ”

Following the course of the Naf River from the Teknaf coast, St. Martin is a small island in the sea bay, about 3 hours to the south by ship or sea truck. The blue of the sky and the sea where the monotonous, boats tied to the shore, the rows of beautiful coconut trees, and the gentle touch of the gentle wind in the rhythm of the waves – this is the only coral island in Bangladesh. St. Martin is a unique vacation spot for people who are thirsty for travel with a combination of sand, rocks, coral or biodiversity. The jellyfish in the clear water, the variety of marine fish, the turtles, have made St. Martin different from all the tourist centers. Due to the abundance of coconut trees on the island, the island is also called Coconut Ginger.
Cinnamon Island or Coconut Ginger or Coral Island, whatever it is, visit St. Martin from November to March at least once.

Walking barefoot in the blue waters of the sea at night, the twinkling of millions of stars above, lying in bed with the sound of the wind blowing on the verandah in the middle of the night, while the eyes were open; I don’t know how long, but all the strength of the body and the last point of the ability to stay awake. At the end of this song, two pairs of eyes

“May this night be immortal, look, lips are dying of thirst!”
“Two eyes have died, two eyes are immortal tonight!”

That night in St. Martin is still immortal. In the leaves of dreamy eyes, in the colorful courtyard of the mind and in the silver sky of imagination

A: Don’t do anything that harms the environment, respects the local people, mingles with them, learns the history of the area. And don’t leave dirt everywhere. Turn around with a sense of responsibility.

Teknaf by direct bus from Dhaka
St. Martin can be reached by ship from Teknaf.


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