Strawberry and Rhododendron, North Sikkim, India

All of us who have visited or will visit Sikkim know little about the beauty of Sikkim’s snow-capped mountains, valleys and lakes. There have already been many posts in the group about Sikkim. I will say something else that many may not know.




Sikkim is famous for rhododendron flowers. I don’t know if there is another flower with so many colors and so many colors. The harder the name of the flower, the more beautiful it looks. I gave it a simple pseudonym (Dragon Dragon). I have never been so surprised to see flowers before. Rhododendrons are most common at this time of year (April-May). It is the national flower of Nepal. It is also found in some countries in North America and Europe. It is the main flower of West Virginia and Washington DC. Originally in the mountains of Asia, at the end of winter and at the beginning of summer, these flowers match their beauty. On the way from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, to North Sikkim, you will see these flowers on both sides of the road. It is installed in front of almost everyone’s house. The most eye-catching time to travel from Lachung to Yamthang Valley. Seeing rhododendrons of different colors on both sides of the road will make you feel like you are in a flower kingdom. You can think of yourself as a VIP for a moment. VIPs have never received such a warm welcome. The more you go towards Snow Point, the more you will be fascinated.






Strawberries: Who doesn’t like to eat strawberries. This red juicy fruit is an expensive and rare thing in our country. But if you look closely at both sides of the road in Sikkim, you will see this rare thing. What a surprise. Yes I was also surprised when our driver said these are really strawberries. When I got off at Carum Hot Natural Falls, I saw from a distance that the driver and our teammate were looking for something. As soon as I asked, the sky fell on my head. Strawberries are also on the side of the road. Excluding the shower, everyone started looking for strawberries. Although small in size but good to eat. After a while I stopped at another fountain where the same thing happened. Everyone was looking for strawberries except nature. And seeing these, our driver Indradar smiled. After a while he says “Hey keya ho gaya tum logoko, let’s go first bohat milega”. How do we explain to the poor that we like wild strawberries very much.

North Sikkim is a completely plastic free zone, you will be fined if you keep any plastic with you. Moreover, keep your surroundings clean wherever you go. Remember that the place is beautiful and clear, we go to see from so far. Thanks


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