Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, UNESCO World Heritage Site.


How to go …
You can go to the Sundarbans in two ways, on your own initiative or with a travel agency. I went with a travel agency.



Travel agencies tour the Sundarbans to tourists in a mainly package system. I have some mixed experiences with travel agencies on this tour, I will share them another day. Today I will say only part of the tour.

– First by Chitra Express from Dhaka to Khulna. – Rent 1000 / – (inclusive of VAT). A day before the start of the journey to the Sundarbans, I reached Khulna to avoid a very tight schedule.








– After a day of rest, I went around Khulna city and got up at the launch of the agency the next morning at 7.45 am. He was supposed to leave at 8 o’clock. But the launch leaves at 10.30. Because Chitra arrives from Dhaka 4 hours late today.








– A guard is taken after the launch reaches Mongla. Then the journey to the Sundarbans begins along the Pashur River.

– The first afternoon we reached Harbaria. According to the guide’s information, tigers are more likely to be found in Harbaria than any of the points we will cover (details of the points in the next part of this post). Although in the end we had to be happy to see a vague footprint of a tiger. About 1.5 km from Harbaria. There is a long walkway through the forest.

– It was almost evening in Harbaria when we returned to the launch and then left for Cuttack at night. We reached Katka around 2 pm.

– At 6 am the next day we left for Cuttack Beach. After a 30 minute walk we reach the beach. After seeing the sunrise on the beach, we went to the office of the forest department of Sharankhola Range. After walking there for a while we saw a herd of Chitra deer. When one of the staff of our launch goes to the tree and tears the leaves, the deer come to eat, then it is a privilege to see the deer up close.

– Then we come back to the launch and leave for Heronpoint. We walked for about an hour and a half in the forest there. There is a naval rest house at Hironpoint.









– From Hironpoint we go to Dublar Char. There we watch the sunset and buy dried fruits from Jalepara and return to the launch.

– Then at night the tide actually left for Karamjal. Arrived at 1 o’clock at night. I was there for lunch all night. The next morning I went to visit Karamjal, there is a crocodile breeding center, and there is a walkway like Harbaria.

– Then return to Khulna. I reached Khulna at 5 pm. Then again by Chitra Express to Dhaka.

The food and drink was inside the complete package. Per person took 7500 / – in the package. Rs.2000 / – train fare (soft chair coach). Total cost is 10500 / – per person.


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