Sunrise view point.

Dhaka – Kathmandu by plane – Pokhara by bus – Sarankot by car

This view joins the fortunes of the lucky ones. Our fortunes are good. An Indian couple who had come here the day before had a conversation in Pokhara, they said they were just covered in fog and clouds. We got clear weather from 6:30 to 8:30.






You can come here from Pokhara, book a car, pick it up from your hotel and leave by 4 am. It will be like 1000-1200 rupees. Odhikar (+977 984-6299183), good guy, named the taxi after his two daughters, putting a bunch of bangles on his wife’s gear. If you make a booking from the agency, the taxi will be charged along with the profit of the agency. I asked for a taxi from the hotel to the bus stop to the agency, asking for 350 rupees! I called Adhikari in the morning, he was coming down with 200 rupees.




Of course, we were in Sarankot the night before, because it was not pleasant to wake up in the morning. Bookings were made from at Hotel Superview Lodge. The view of Pokhara city from 1800 meters, from the room, the veranda with the room. Deluxe triple bedroom, dinner, breakfast all together 5000 rupees. The hotel is just a few steps away from where the stairs lead to the Sunrise Point. There is a Nepali family in charge, very hospitable.






I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, freshened up, and went up the stairs. He had bought a ticket of Rs 50 per head on the way to Sarankot. Don’t lose it. You have to show the ticket to Sunrise Point, otherwise, you have to buy the ticket again. Anyway, I went upstairs and saw that people had left. I saw more cars coming up the hill. There’s a tower upstairs, it’s crowded there, it’s like a staircase downstairs, I just sat there. After a while, it was full of people. Then we all looked at the eastern drink like Chatak. The time of sunrise passes. Suddenly everyone turned to the left. Then in front is the Annapurna Range and Machhapuchhare (Fishtail Mountain, although only part of the tail is visible). A flying distance of only 24 km, I lost my composure while drinking the beauty. Later I started taking pictures.




Pokhara again paragliding the car, free. For those who do paragliding, the spot is ten minutes away from the viewpoint, below, to pick up the car and actually sit with the luggage at once. You will be dropped off at Pokhara city, your luggage will be delivered to the office or hotel



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