Suspension Bridge, Punakha, Bhutan.

I went to see the hanging bridge of Rangamati in October 2016. But due to bad luck, I did not see the hanging bridge then, but I came back to see the sinking bridge. The whole suspension bridge was submerged.




So this time during the Bhutan tour (December 22 to 26) I was much more interested in seeing the Punakha Suspension Bridge.




This popular tourist spot suspension bridge is built over the Pucho river in Pune, it is a 350 meter long hanging bridge, the surrounding nature and the construction style of this bridge will fascinate you in one word. It is located 4012 feet above sea level. It is the longest hanging bridge in Bhutan. Standing in the middle of the bridge, you can see the Pucho River flowing down and the surrounding hills and mountains! What a wonderful sight. It is not possible to describe this scene with writing or pictures.




The beauty of the Pucho River flowing under this suspension bridge is simply amazing. The water has no color. But looking at the Pucho river, it would seem that the color of the water is blue !!

The suspension bridge was originally built to make it easier and shorter for Punakha residents to get to Jung.


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