Sylhet Habiganj Tree Activity.

Those who have seen tree activating at Habiganj Satchhari Udyan but have not done so can easily visit Khadim Nagar National Park on a day trip to Sylhet and do tree activating. Khadimnagar National Park is a national park located in Sylhet district of Bangladesh. It was established on 13 April 2006. This national park consists of 8.60 hectares (18 acres) of land. Khadimnagar National Park has about 217 species of trees and 63 species of animals. Khadim Chaumuhana is about 10 km from Sylhet city along Jaflong Road after crossing the gate of Shahparan Mazar. The road has gone to the right-hand side of Khadim Chaumuhana. Khadimnagar Chabagan starts when you go ahead by road. A little further along the garden road is a culvert. If you continue to cross the culvert and take the road without taking the road on the left, there will be more tea gardens, natural forest after tea gardens. The Khadimnagar Rainforest begins after a five-kilometer paved, unpaved, and brick-paved road to the north of the main road. Chharagang and Habibnagar in the east, Barjan and Kalagul in the west, Gulni in the north, and Khadimnagar in the south. Khadimnagar National Park) has two trails of 45 minutes and two hours. There are maps of the two trails in front of the bit office of the forest department, besides a local can be taken as a guide.





Most of the roads are paved with bricks and bricks and can be taken by car, but if it is raining, it is better to take CNG. Rental CNG is available at Khadim Chaumuhana. We reserved a CNG for 700 TK, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm.
Recently, tree activating has been introduced here for which a ticket of TK 100 and the entrance fee to the park is TK 20. The beauty of the tea garden on the way, the play of light and shade in the forest, the sound of animals and birds and insects will really take you to a different world.


Caution: Since the place is a little inside and there are fewer people, it would be better to go in a group of a few people. The park is not very well known so people go less so it is still free from plastic so it is better not to take any kind of plastic before everyone leaves, if you take a water bottle you will bring it with you. You can also play a role in maintaining the beauty of the forest.


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