Sylhet travel tour plan.

Sylhet → Ratargul → Bisnakandi → Sylhet → Lala Khal Jaflong → Sylhet → Dhaka

I got on the 9 train from Kamalapur at 4 pm! The train went to Sylhet around 11 pm and stopped.

I looked around Hazrat Shahjalal’s (R) Mazar Sharif for hotel rent … but I got up at Hotel Al Salim a little further away as the comparative rent is higher here in Sylhet! (Next to Hotel Rose View)






Day 1
In the morning I went to Ratargul with CNG …. then from Ratargul to Bichanakandi in a trawler. In a word, the inexperience on the way back to Ratargul from Bichanakandi is the best.

Day 2
I went to Jaflong and Lalakhal by micro. I was there all day! In the evening I came to Sylhet and saw Mazar Sharif and the city.
I got on the bus at 11:30 pm and arrived in Dhaka at 4 am.

The cost of travel and food for each of the 9 people is about 3000 TK!





And these were the main costing …
Train – 320 (per person)
Bus (Hanif) – 470 (per person)
Hotel – 1100 (per room)
Cng Ratargul updown Sylhet – 750 (per cng)
Ratargul to Bichanakandi Updown Troller – 3000
Noah- 3200 (Lalakhal-Jaflong-Sylhet Updown)


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