Take a day tour of the three zamindar houses of Manikganj.

In the busy city life, when the pressure of work is constantly being crushed. To get rid of the monotonous work of every day, you can use the holiday to visit any place of interest in the vicinity of Dhaka. From where you can get endless vitality as well as proximity to history and tradition from very close. Baliati Zamindarbari in Saturia upazila of Manikganj, Pakutia zamindarbari in Nagarpur upazila of Tangail and North House of Barobhuiyan in Delduar upazila of the same district are some of these places to visit with family near Dhaka. It’s a lot like hunting three birds with one stone. At the same time it will give you a great opportunity to enjoy and practice history and tradition.

Baliati Zamindarbari:
Zamindar Gobindram Shah Baliati built the zamindar house in the middle of the eighteenth century. The Baliati zamindar house is situated on about five acres of land. All the courtyards of the zamindar house are surrounded by a very high wall. It has a total of seven palace-like buildings, with a total of about 200 rooms. There are also five huge buildings called East Bari, West, North, Madhya and Golabari. Various carvings and sculptures can be seen all over the front walls of the main buildings. There are four entrances in the front wall of the buildings. At the top of the four entrances are four large stone statues of lions. At the back of the buildings is a large paved pond with six ghats. The beauty of Baliati zamindar’s house surrounded by you will enchant you.






Pakutia Zamindarbari:
Surrounded by many histories and traditions of Tangail, Nagarpur Upazila is situated on the banks of the ancient Lohajang River. In the nineteenth century, there was a direct trade link between the Nagarpur area and Calcutta in India through the river Jamuna. In the late nineteenth century, at the beginning of the Mughal period, the famous ‘Chowdhury’ dynasty of Nagarpur emerged from the hands of Subiddha Khan of Nagarpur. Ramakrishna Saha Mandal came from Calcutta following the path of Subiddha Khan. On 15 April 1915, three huge mahals were built on three acres of land in the same design. The Pakutia zamindar house is known as tin mahala or tin taraf. There are several small and big zamindar houses in this area.






North House:
North House is located in Delduar Upazila near Tangail. He still owns this North House as a Bhuiyan successor to the Barabhuiyans. This North House of Delduar Upazila is a palace surrounded by great beauty. In front of the North House there is a huge paved pond. In front of the palace you will see the seven-domed Jame Mosque built by the Barabhuiyans. If you want, you can pray here and witness the history. When you enter the North House, you will feel as if you have entered a house somewhere in ancient England. In front you will see a pot tree that is more than 200 years old, there is an amazing terracotta carving plaque, a water fountain. At the back of the house there are different varieties of mango orchards. The beauty of the extraordinary arrangement will take your mind away.





How to get there:
If you want to visit all the three zamindars’ houses, it is best to rent your own car or car. However, if you want, you can take a bus from Dhaka to Manikganj and from there you can go around all the zamindar houses by CNG.


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