Take a tour of the five heavenly islands of Singapore.

If you plan to travel to the deeper parts of Singapore and have already toured the southern islands, this time there are a few different surprises for you. As a small country, Singapore does not have the pleasure of touring the whole of Singapore just by seeing the developed cities. For this, it is very important to visit the coastal areas of Singapore. This requires adequate money and adequate planning.



It seems to me that it is useless to go around these islands without a plan. Living in Singapore alone never stops. Somewhere very developed and the islands are usually a little underdeveloped. But even in this underdeveloped region, there is a wonderful source of natural beauty. So at the end of the trip to Singapore, if anyone thinks that everything is over, his idea will be wrong.




On the other side of the city are several more islands to explore. Which you can spend days searching for. Don’t stop when you come to Singapore. One of the regions of Singapore will give you a unique experience. And it will make your trip very memorable. Although the islands of Singapore are not very far from Singapore, they are mainly under Indonesia. But there are no restrictions on travel, be it from Singapore or Indonesia.
But it is better to be aware and cautious at all times while traveling. If you need permission to go to an island, you must try to get that permission from the right place. Otherwise, your whole day plan may be ruined for one permission. Let’s know something about the islands.





Pulu Layang-Layang:
It is one of the most popular islands for divers. Rare species of marine life can be explored on this island in a very short time. The island is separated from Malaysia in the South China Sea and moved to the colony. But this island is called the paradise of this region. Come here and enjoy deep sea diving with the ancient corals of the deep sea and the deep life of the water. You have to come here by flight from Kinabalu in Singapore. However, it is better to come back with a return flight ticket.

Pulu Linga:
One of the attractions of this island out of the reach of the public is the huge waterfall that descends from the top of the hill. Descending from the high hills to the bottom of the island, this beautiful sparkling water is reflected from afar, creating a different look in the eyes of the viewer. This water is mainly flowing until winter comes. By the end of November you will see the fountain festival. This festival is not a festival of any people but this fountain has been decorated in such a way that it looks like a festival is approaching.

In the vicinity of this clear water fountain you can probably camp somewhere or stay at a resort effortlessly. So traveling to this island while traveling to Singapore can be one of the chapters of life for you. You can get here by any ferry directly from the head of Tanjung Ping.




Pulu Nikai:
If you want to do underwater adventures under the sea with a beautiful resort on land, this island is perfect for you. The island has an electrical system with solar panels and several accommodations. Where you can get all kinds of electrical facilities as well as medical services when you get sick.

The beautiful island also has several bars, clubs and resorts. In which you can go around alone or with your companions at any time. The sea and the forest and environment of the island will fascinate you for a while. The island can be reached in 20 minutes by ferry from Binton.

Pulu Bawah:
You may often see some wonder islands in postcards like the tropical paradise. This is a view of an island called Pulu Bawah off the Indonesian coast. The brightness and clarity of the water is so high that there is no need to dive underwater to see marine wildlife, including corals below. Scuba diving can only be enjoyed by swimming. This scuba dive does not require physical exercise.

You will be amazed just by walking along the edge of the coast. Tourists from all over the world come here for scuba diving. Scuba diving in the clear waters of this ocean, no one wants to see a different world at the bottom of the ocean! So come and enjoy the beauty of the bottom of the tropical ocean. You can reach the island directly by taking a ferry from Tanjung Ping in Binten.

Pulu Benan:
The island is located in the Idlik Peninsula region. The population of this island decreases and increases in keeping with the tradition. Usually everyone comes to see the heritage, culture and performances of the locals of this island. Dances, songs and cultural events are organized here at different times of the year. Events that are usually colorful. And you can really understand when your mind will be colored in that colorful color on this island.

There are also a number of opportunities to survive in the marine environment. You can enjoy how the local people live here. He can taste life if he wants. Also you can do everything from marine fishing to barbecue here effortlessly. Boats can be seen around the island in a very short time. KinAccording to the rules here, you will never be allowed to stay on the beach for a long time. So you can come back from here even if it takes a short time.


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