Takerghat, Niladri, Sunamganj.

Talking about the beauty of Niladri might be foolish or insulting to Niladri if we go to explain it in words. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. At the time of writing, I couldn’t find any language. How can I express the beauty of Niladri, so I will say one thing. Go and see for yourself.

How to get there: Hanif, Shyamoli, Mamun, and Anna leave Dhaka at different times between 10-11 pm from Fakirapul and Sayedabad in Dhaka. The rent will be 550 per person (Shyamoli, Hanif). By 6.30 they will drop you off at the base of Sunamganj New Bridge or you can get off at Sunamganj bus counter and freshen up if you want. Hanif Bas’s counter has a fairly good atmosphere. From the base of the new bridge, you have to go to the Tahirpur market by CNG, Laguna, motorbike, it will take 1.30 minutes. We took the Laguna Reserve and the scaffolding fell to 600. They will ask for 1000 rupees. Now the way you can reduce it by bargaining is better. Of course, remember that Sunamganj is the place of bargaining. The more you reduce, the lower your costs will be. Tahir will reach the market and become two groups. One group will go to scaffold the boat for 1 day the scaffolding will be between 3000-5000 rupees. Again, the way you bargain is your profit. Another group will go to the market. Remember that for lunch and dinner you have to buy enough from here because you will have lunch and dinner by boat. You just go shopping and all the rest are with the boatmen. Make sure the stove is OK before boarding the boat. Our oven wasn’t right so it was late afternoon to cook. Cook lunch by stopping the boat in the middle of stopping somewhere on the side. Remember that whatever you cook is what you eat at night. We were so hungry that there was nothing left for the night because we were hungry after eating. In the afternoon go to Takerghat, Niladri. Your 1 day will end here. At night, you will wander from side to side. Get acquainted with the people of the village. Go to the border and this is how you will spend the evening. And at night the boat will stay at Takerghat. You will see the sunrise from the middle of the haor. Maybe this is the beauty of the beautiful Tanguar Haor.

On the second day, rent a motorbike and visit the magical river and Barekkatika. Motorcycles are the only means of communication in this village. I don’t remember the rent. He will return and return to the Tahirpur market by noon. Another thing, don’t forget to take a bath in the middle of the haor wearing a life jacket. We jumped into the water twice, coming and going. Life jackets can be taken from Tahirpur Bazar at 60 o’clock. He will come to Tahirpur and go to Sunamganj town again. Rent a hotel before lunch as Shyamli is at 2.30 am to go to Dhaka and all other buses leave Sunamganj by 11 am.





** Do not throw your garbage in the water because this country belongs to all of us like you. Travel hawk is positive and responsible.


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