Tangail Basulia Bill Travel.

I went to Tangail for an office work. As the work was completed ahead of schedule and there was a tendency to travel, I decided to visit a place of interest in Tangail. Everything was completely new and unfamiliar as I was visiting Tangail for the first time, so I took refuge in Mr. Google, as soon as I asked him Home and Basulia gave knowledge about the bill.
Combining my time, location, and tastes, I preferred the Basulia Bill.



From the old bus stand in Tangail, CNG was rented at Tk 40 for the first time at Basail Bazar. From Basail, Aslam Basulia paid Tk 30 in a van. The bank of the bill was adjacent to the main road.


I bought 20 TK worth of nuts from the shore and boarded his dinghy boat. The middleman asked for 200 TK per hour but in the end, it was 100 TK. If I had bargained a little more, maybe it could have been reduced a little more. If there is more, there is an opportunity to rent a big boat or trawler from the wharf at an affordable price.



The beauty of this beel develops during the monsoon season as there is a lot of water in this beel during the monsoon season. The most interesting place of the beel is a huge palm tree in the middle of the beel. This bill of clear water in the air is really beautiful. It is a beautiful place to visit in one day in any range of family or friends. It is really nice to travel in this medium-sized bill last afternoon.



We went without a holiday so it was pretty crowded. Most likely the holiday is more crowded. And if the crowd is more, the rent will be a little higher.



If you want to go from Dhaka, you can take any bus in Tangail bypass or get off at the old bus stand. From there you can go to Basulia by CNG first and from there you can go to Basulia Bill by van. You have to take the road to the market. And in 30-40 minutes you can go to the bank of Basulia Beel. The road is very well developed and the communication system is very good.



For those looking for a one-day short-term tour, Basulia Bill can be a great choice for a low-budget and short-term tour.

When you go on tour, you must avoid throwing almond shells, chips, chanachur packets, liquor bottles, various drink bottles, etc. in the water. Use it well with the locals. I have seen many people take pictures of one of the attractions of Bill. It is advisable to ensure that the branches of the tree are not broken or damaged in any way.



May everyone’s travel life be beautiful and enjoyable.

Note: – Basulia bill is only in the rainy season. If you want to go around, you have to go in the rainy season.


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