Tea country or tea capital Srimangal ..

As soon as you hear the name Srimangal, a picture of a tea garden comes to mind. And in those tea gardens it seems that full youth is going on now, wearing rain water on the leaves of tea tree means increasing the excellence of their green aura …




Srimangal, in fact, the stream of uninterrupted serenity will flow through your eyes now, green and green everywhere you look … like a dam-broken green country where the pouring rain will take you to the page of a lost memory.






So why are you late?

On these rainy days, you can enjoy the rain with your loved ones or take a short day tour of the evergreen Srimangal.

Srimangal itself is a beauty, A Complete Package of Beauty … yet here you can see more
1. Tea garden
2. Lauyachhara Udyan
3. Khitesh Babu Zoo (Wildlife Sanctuary)
4. Bird Park (Kalighat Road)
5. Land
6. Blue-voiced tea cabin
6. Grand Sultan Tea Resort
6. Madhabpur Lake (Kamalganj)
9. Shrine of Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman (Kamalganj)




And if one wants to get addicted to adventure without a two-day plan or something else, then for him, the mountain beauty is humming …

There are some good quality restaurants for food in Srimangal. Among them, Pansi is ahead of all others, Pach Bhai, Kutumbari, Shashurbari, Sultan, Agra are some of them.






There are 4 intercity trains from Dhaka to Srimangal every day starting from scaffolding 200, by bus from Sayedabad Hanif, Shyamoli, Rupshi Bangla 360 rupees scaffolding, besides local Rupshi Bangla and Taj scaffolding 250 TK.



AC / non AC buses of ENA Paribahan are available from Mohakhali.

You will find many resorts and hotels to stay according to the budget.
Resort: Grand Sultan, BTRI Resort, Nisarg, Heed Bangladesh, Green Leaf, Lemon Garden, Novem Eco Resort
Hotel: Mohsin Plaza, Skypark, Tea Town are some of them.


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