Teliapara Tea Garden.

Madhabpur, Habiganj







About two kilometers from Dhaka-Sylhet highway or Teliapara railway station, on both sides of the road, there is a wonderful natural view of the green tea garden. The winding road in the middle of the tea garden. There are also plain tea gardens and some hilly tea gardens in Habiganj. Besides, Travelers also came to see the Teliapara Memorial, which is involved with the memories of the 1971 war. Those who do not have enough time to go to Panchagarh or hilly tea garden Sylhet can see the tea garden in this plain Area. They can visit this plain tea garden very close to Dhaka. There are Teliapara Surma, Sayedabad tea, or 8/9 small and big tea gardens. And Satchhari National Park is nearby.




How to get there:


Any bus that goes for Sylhet – get on Anna Hanif or Diganta bus, cross Madhabpur or Madhabpur in Habiganj and get off at ‘Muktiyuddha Chattar’. From there on the right, you can visit Teliapara Laguna or Teliapara Tea Garden with CNG reserve.


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