Teota zamindar house.

Many memories of national poet Nazrul and his wife Pramila Devi are associated with this house. Pramila Devi’s nickname was Duli. The national poet gained recognition for his poignant poetry as a rebellious poet. However, the fact that he had an equal edge in love poems can be understood only by reading different poems of the poet. Seeing Pramila Devi sitting on a pond in the house of this zamindar, the poet wrote “You are beautiful so I want you dear”. Duli’s house was next to the zamindar’s house. Duli’s father Basant Sen’s nephew Biren Sen used to visit their house often on the basis of the poet’s acquaintance.











“According to historians, the zamindar house was built in the 17th century by a zamindar named Panchanan Sen. According to legend, Panchanan Sen was once very poor and built the palace after he owned a large fortune in the Dinajpur region producing tobacco. Later, two people named Jayashankar and Hemshankar established zamindari here. After the partition of India, when they both left for India, the house was abandoned. ” [Source: Bengali Wikipedia]

How to get there: Arichaghat by bus from Dhaka to Arichaghat. Then from here take auto / laguna to Teota village. If you go to Teota village, anyone will show you the zamindar’s house.


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