Thandachhari Kashful, hills, lakes and natural beauty.

A fascinating environment surrounded by cashew flowers, hills, lakes and natural beauty.

When you walk along the road surrounded by trees on both sides, you feel ah !! If this path had not ended. Perfect place to spend a soothing afternoon in this busy city. Sitting on the shore of the lake and chatting, you will get lost in the unknown.





How to get there:





Only 13 km from Chittagong city. The location of Thandachari in the distance. Get on the Hathazari-bound bus from Muradpur. Or get oxygen from Muradpur and get on any bus going to Hathazari, Raozan or Fatikchhari. You can go down to Fatehabad College Gate and go to Thandachhari by CNG on the left hand side. CNG 10 / – per person.

Admission time for visitors from 2pm to 5pm.

I contribute to the protection of the environment without littering everywhere.


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