That pumpkin is that pumpkin.

In October, the administration issued a directive to stop nightlife from March 1, 2019, and to completely stop traveling to Cheradwip with Saint Martin.
You have to come back from this island day by day.
From then on, the storm started to flood the island ….
1000 rupees hotel 5000/6000 TK,
The black market started with ship tickets.
320 TK for 150 TK meal,
Even then hotel / car seat / ship tickets are not available,
But what happened?





The pumpkin that is the pumpkin …..
The ministry said today that the closure of the island would hurt many traders, so the opportunity to travel to the island will remain the same all year round.
Sutra-6 This is ATN Bangla




So those who started running around like crazy go off.


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