That way the Narsingdi Ghorashal zamindar will go home.

At eight o’clock in the morning, I got off at Panchdona intersection of Narsingdi in a PPL Super car in two hours. The museum opens at eleven o’clock in the afternoon. Then come to Panchdona corner and drive to Manumia zamindar’s house in Ghorashal’s Palash. Although the real name is Ghorashal zamindar’s house, it is better known as Manumia’s house. The main feature of the house is white color, clean and open As soon as you enter the house, there is a mosque next to it, a pond across the field in front and a row of ancient trees. The house is named Jamina Mahal after its name. The house is locally known as Ukil Bari because of its lawyer profession. Next to it is another small half-built ancient house.




It could have become a good tourist destination if security and cleanliness had been provided in the zamindar’s house. There is another abandoned old house a short distance to the left of the house of zamindar Laxman Saha. The house is called Kundu Saha’s house as per Google tourism information but no such information was received from locals. Returning from home in an auto at Aslam Panchdona. In the afternoon I quenched my hunger with low quality food at the hotel. The next destination was Wari Bateshwar. After 14 checks, the settlement of Wari was confirmed to be 450 BC. After a forty-five minute bus journey, we got off at Marjal. I came home after eating Narsingdi sweets and returned home after a three and a half hour drive.






Travel – I think we had a problem with our plan because we didn’t get good information from Google and locals, so it took us a long time. But it is possible to go around more easily by saving time. The plan should have been, Zamindar Bari- Girish Chandra Sen’s house- Wari Bateshwar. There are PPL Super, Uttara, Badshah to go by bus from Mohakhali to Ghorashal. The fare is 70 rupees per person. If anyone wants, you can get down directly to Panchdona and decide the destination of your choice. Danga, Laxman Saha’s zamindar’s house. Rent reserve 150 rupees. From Danga to Panchdona. Walk from Panchdona to Girish Chandra Sen’s house. Bus fare from Panchdona to Morjal is 15 rupees. Auto fare from Morjal to Bateshwar is 30 rupees per bus. Bus fare from Marjal to Dhaka Titas or Uttara is 120 rupees per bus.


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