The aristocracy of the hills is Nainital.

Late in the afternoon, as the evening wore on, we got out of our comfy beds in our elite hotel and headed down the lake road. The sun was spreading its crimson glow right in the middle of the two hills at the end of the lake and was counting the moments of departure like that day. Despite all our hunger, we stopped for a while to see the light of day and the unearthly light of twilight, holding the railing near the shore of the lake. Some of them were keeping memories and pictures of that time in the camera.






The last light of the sun fell on the water of the lake and went through a golden-silver sparkle every now and then. One by one, the shops on the shores of the lake began to glow with tourists. Mall Road was then occupied only by walking tourists. At this time, it means that any movement of vehicles on this road from noon to 9 pm is strictly prohibited. And everyone is complying with that. So the joy of the tourists and the walking of Nainital Lake, the hills on the shores of the lake, the shops became enjoyable with the light shining, the rhythm, the despair and the peace.





Standing in one place, the glittering atmosphere of the surroundings, the sparkling lake water and the cold mountain air, the last remnants of daylight were extinguished and a hundred colors of light shone all around. Then it seemed new again, I had unknowingly forgotten that he was very hungry. I immediately got up from there and stepped forward. Not without eating right now. The color, form, juice and smell of this Nainital, this elite hill town can be enjoyed either by eating or not.





Moving forward, I asked one of the two passers-by to find out where one of the attractions of these Bengali babus is kebab, biryani or fish rice. A little further on, at the corner of the road, on the left, you will see a kebab biryani shop. Let’s go immediately. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Everyone was very happy to see the kebab and biryani, with a happy look in their eyes. I immediately sat down and grabbed a table in the illuminated shop.





Some people ordered chicken for 60 rupees, some for fried rice for 110 rupees and some for kebab and chapati. Within 10 minutes the hot smoked biryani, kebab and fried rice were gone. There are several types of chutney with onion. Seeing this, he started toasting water on his tongue. Everyone jumped at the moment to eat their plate of food to satisfy their hunger all day. And wonderfully everyone was satisfied with the food, the combination of price, quality and taste. Then I went out again, to enjoy the glitter of the colorful light of the glittering hills of the aristocratic Nainital.

There is a cinema hall next to our food hotel, right next to the lake. I wondered if I would watch a movie. Everyone is in a state of freezing in the extreme cold. But the idea of ​​a long-term movie, whether everyone can enjoy it or not, the thought of the movie was dropped like that day. Rather, it would be better to take a walk and enjoy the aristocracy of Mall Road on the shores of the lake. So I stepped in that direction. By then the whole Mall Road had spread all its splendor across the lake, mountains, sky and open paths.

Showrooms of various brands, chocolates, cakes, coffee shops, small food shops, decorative forms of drinks, domestic and foreign tourists are flocking to the shores of the lake. I realized that it would be foolish to waste time watching movies in such an environment. Preparations for the big day festival are going on all over Mall Road. Hundreds of faces of different colors, colors and styles were gurgling at people. We walked a bit, tired and sat comfortably on the wooden bench right in front of our hotel. In front is the balcony of our hotel room, with thousands of lights flashing across the street and hundreds of colorful glitter in the lake water on the other side.

It is a special privilege to be able to enjoy the hilly aristocracy in such a royal atmosphere with a mug of hot coffee in the hands of loved ones. Me, we all had a wonderful afternoon, a wonderful evening and a memorable night sitting on a beach bench, spending lazy time, sometimes holding hands, sometimes walking slowly and sometimes peeking into the glittering, tidy brand showrooms.

Eventually, as the night wore on and the winter intensified, Mall Road began to become empty. At the same time, when the shops started turning off their lights and jumping, they had to get up. Yet I sat drunk until the path was almost empty. Because who knows when I will get such a day, such an evening and such a wonderful night again? And since we are in no hurry.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the colors, shapes and smells of the elite hill town of Nainital. That night, that city, that mountain and that crystal clear water of the lake will be memorable forever.


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