The beauty of Bagalek, Keokradong.

When I first found out about Keokkradong on the pages of a book as a child, the image that immediately came to mind was a mountaineer trying to climb to the top of Kreokradong by hanging on a rope. Then I said in my mind, if only I could get up one day! Alhamdulillah Allah fulfilled that wish of mine. We officially conquered Keokradong, the dream of Bangladesh’s highest mountain peak, by crossing the 13 km high and steep and steep and beautiful path. Its height is 3162 feet. It took about four and a half hours. It took 3 hours to get down. It may take hundreds of years to describe what I saw on the way up. I have only seen such high mountains before in the picture. Now looking at the body. The whole path was full of adventures. When I got up, I met a beautiful shrimp fountain. In the rainy season, the beautiful spring regains its youth. I heard that many shrimps could be found here before. As I was getting up, I saw a raft of white clouds on the right side of the hill. I lived under the clouds all year round but that night I slept happily much higher than the clouds that night. I also saw how it feels when the light of the full moon falls on the clouds. Oops it drove me crazy. What I saw from the top when I woke up in the morning is indescribable. Only clouds and clouds as far as the eye can see. This is like another sea. The peaks of the high mountains have risen like islands in that sea. The night before I got up to Keokdang, I was in a small cottage on the bank of Bagalek. That lake is another beautiful one. Surrounded by mystery. It is 1063 feet above sea level. Depth 115 feet. Almost the same as an 11-storey building.





However, here’s how to go:






Various buses leave from Chittagong’s Bahaddarhat bus terminal for Bandarban. After reaching the Bandarban bus terminal, you have to take another bus to Ruma. Ruma is located 44 km from Bandarban. It will take about 3 and a half hours to reach Rumai from Bandarban which is a hilly road. There the guide has to fill in a form, enter the army camp, sign at the police station and leave for Kamalabazar in a moon car for Bagalek by 4 pm. The guide will make all the arrangements. No reason to worry. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It is better to fix the guide in advance. You have to leave for Kamalabazar by 4 pm. He doesn’t let me go after 4 pm. It will take 30 minutes to reach Kamalabazar. Bagalek is another 30 minutes walk from there. Bagale will be reached by walking 13 km from night to morning in Keokradong.

Cost – A team of 14 people from Chittagong will cost a minimum of 3000 rupees.


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