The best place for camping lovers is Marayang Tong.

I heard from a friend that there is a hill in Alikadam, his name is Marayang Tung. The mountain road is very difficult, you have to climb for two and a half hours continuously. From there, you can touch the moon by raising your hand. In the light of the moonlight, the distant mountains can be counted — even in the scorching heat of the Liluya wind, one has to wrap oneself in a blanket! I can’t wait to hear it




Finally, on the night of June 8, we gave Runa to Alikadam’s bus thinking that it would rain, not with raincoats, umbrellas, and polythene. In the morning there is a bus, we have breakfast after freshening up, then we go to Ali’s tunnel in auto, we will camp for Meraithong, so we stay in the market, we started shopping, we started shopping, it started to rain, but we started walking slowly. You have to climb to the top, so it will be difficult. The slower you get, the better. We took a break for two hours. Around four in the afternoon we did the Marayang Tong Summit. Then I pitched my tent. In the middle of it, the cloud was covered once and it was a beautiful sight.




After dinner, we go to bed and say that the colder the night grows, so it is better to take some winter or heavy clothes. Thus one night we had to go down to the camper and get down to the easy plane so it took us less time, one hour, and twenty minutes.




From Dhaka, Alikadam bus stand will cost 650 rupees, then from there you will get down to the residence by auto, the fare will be 20 TK  per person. After descending to Abasi, take the road on the right side and walk for about two and a half to three hours to reach Marayang Tong, the highest hill in Alikadam. There is no provision of food and water, so dry food and water have to be taken from the plains.

## The place is so beautiful now please don’t get dirty. When camping, fill the leftovers in polythene and throw them in a certain place.


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