The capital of mango is Chapainawabganj.

Mango and mango. Raw-ripe mangoes are hanging on the trees. As far as the eye can see on both sides of the road, there is only a mango orchard. If you want, you can touch it by standing on the ground, even lying down. If you want, you can also eat one or two plants. Those who want to take this experience can go to Chapainawabganj Mango Garden now. Even in this hot sun, you will find a soothing, peaceful environment in the shady gardens. You will see mangoes being planted from one tree after another in the vast garden. The mangoes are being picked up in baskets. Then that van is going to the market. There are rows and rows of people selling mangoes. However, not in 40 kg, here 45 or 48 kg of mana is caught. Because, some mangoes can be spoiled. Shibganj upazila is called the capital of mango. Chapainawabganj is at a distance of 50 km from Rajshahi city. It will take an hour and a half by road. At one time the whole of Chapainawabganj district was a mango orchard. Yet the city’s Adalatpara, the office of the Superintendent of Police, the office of the Deputy Commissioner and the whole of the college are in Ambagan. When you walk around the city, it will feel like a human settlement in the mango orchard. Apart from Sadar upazila, Shibganj, Bholahat and Gomstapur are also among the mango orchards.





If you leave Chapainawabganj city and cross the Mahananda Bridge towards Shibganj, you will see thousands of mango orchards on both sides of the road. The distance from the city to Shibganj is only 18 kilometers. With a car you can reach in less than half an hour. On the way, you will see mango vans, mango cars, mangoes in people’s hands, mangoes on their heads.

There are many other famous mango orchards including Sen’s garden in Shibganj, Mozaffar Mia’s garden, Raja’s garden in Kansat, Chowdhury’s garden on the west bank of Pagla river in Kansat. If you want, you can enter any mango orchard on the side of the road.





April, May, June, July  this is a good time to visit the mango orchards, even though they are busy all year round. Because, if you want, you can also eat mango at this time. When you come to Shibganj, you can visit any garden. You can rest in a small room in the mango orchard.

The mango orchard turned around, do not go to the mango market? It is a great foolishness not to go to Kansat to visit Shibganj. Kansat is probably the largest mango market in Bangladesh. As far as the eye can see here, you will see the sale of mangoes. Hundreds of species of mangoes including Fazli, Khirsapat, Langra, Gopalbhog, Bombay, Laxmanbhog, Phania, Himsagar. If you stand for a while, you will see cars entering and leaving the market, people coming and going, it will feel like a mango paradise. If you are tired of looking, you can sit in the small shops next to the market and eat the famous kalai bread of Chapainawabganj. You can buy as many mangoes as you want from this market. Sonamasjid land port is a few kilometers away from Shibganj. If you want you can come back there once.


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