The cost of the Bagalek tour.

If 12/13 people go, you can come back to Bagalek within 3000 TK, I will give that calculation today!

720 + 720 = 1240 TK from Dhaka to Bandarban

Breakfast on the first day – 60 TK

Bandarban to Ruma bus fare – 120 TK

Lunch in Ruma – 130 TK

Ruma to Kamalabazar moon car – 200 TK (reserve will take 2500 TK, 13 people can sit in one car)

Overnight stay at Bagale – 150 TK

Dinner – 150 TK

Breakfast on the 2nd day – 60 TK

Lunch – 150 TK

Moon car rental on the way back – 200





Cost of guide – 150 TK (2 days to pay the guide, you have to bear the cost of his food, you also have to buy a small form, the total is not more than 2000, then 13 people will cost 150 rupees per person)

Ruma to Bandarban – 120 TK

Dinner before getting on the bus in Bandarban – 140 TK

So the total cost is – 1240 + 60 + 120 + 130 + 200 + 150 + 150 + 60 + 150 + 200 + 150 + 120 + 140 = 2900

And spend 100 TK wherever you like!











If 10/11 people go in place of 13 people, the cost per person will increase by another 200-250 rupees, this extra cost will be in the moon car from Guide and Ruma to Kamalabazar, the rest of the cost will remain the same no matter who goes!

Winter is the best time to visit Bagalek, many of you may be planning to go, hopefully this calculation will help you in your low cost tour!









For those who have never been, come back at least once!

There is no difficult path, anyone can easily turn around, it only takes 30-35 minutes to trek from Kamalabazar to Bagale!

Plan now with friends, a place to feel good!

Next I will post about the cost of visiting Kekradong, visit Bagalek for now!

And if anyone wants to tour Bagalek + Keokradong together, it will take 1 extra day, it can cost as much as 600-700 rupees!

Last winter I went to Bagalek, so I calculated up to Bagalek! I took the picture from Google, I don’t have a good picture on my mobile;)








This winter I will visit Keokradong and write about Keokradong InshaAllah!

Everyone will be requested not to throw garbage, water bottles, packets of chips etc. in their bags and throw them in the right place!

No matter where you go, everywhere you look, it’s bad!

Let’s be aware of ourselves, let’s be aware of others!

Let’s not make the tourist spot a garbage dump, let’s protect the beauty.


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