The cost of the St. Martin tour; With some important information:

Today I will write about how much it costs to travel from Dhaka / Chittagong and where and how long it takes!

Dhaka to Teknaf bus fare 900 (non-AC); 1500-2000 (AC)

Teknaf to St. Martin – Fares starting from 550, will take 1000/1200 rupees per ship! Tickets for the round trip are booked at the same time, you have to say in advance when you will go and when you will return, stay in St. Martin for 1 day or stay for 2 days, the fare is the same!





And if someone wants to return the next day without the date mentioned in the ticket, it is also possible, but in that case there will be no guarantee of a seat!

Buses from Dhaka to Teknaf usually depart from Dhaka at 6 or 8:30, the next morning at 6/7 you will be dropped off at the shipyard, from there you can catch the ship! Ships usually leave for St. Martin at 9:30 a.m., arriving at St. Martin by 11:30 or 12 o’clock!
The ship left St. Martin for Teknaf at 3 pm!






No ship goes to St. Martin from Teknaf in the afternoon or afternoon, no ship comes to St. Martin from Teknaf in the morning, the schedule of all ships is the same!

If you miss the ship, you can get on the trawler, the fare is 200 rupees, just go or come! Trawlers leave the city of Teknaf!

It is better to cut the ship ticket in advance during the holidays, other days you will get the ticket at the pier!

The cost of staying in St. Martin is 300-500 per person, which means that a room in a standard hotel / resort usually costs 1200-2000 rupees, 4 people can stay in one room! Room rent may increase a little more if you have peak time or a few days off in a row!

Breakfast at St. Martin’s for 60-70 rupees, lunch and dinner for 130-180 rupees with seafood! If you want to eat with Rupchanda, the price will be a little higher! Bar-B-Q can cost 180-200 rupees at night, if you go you can try it at least once!









Go to Chheradwip, of course, do not return without seeing it!

If you board the trawler, you will get 150 rupees per person, speedboat reserve will take 1600-1600 rupees to come and go, bargain for whatever you can, a speedboat can seat 6 people! The trawler or speedboat will wait for you for an hour and a half on the island, then come back with you! Where the ship stops there is a boat to go to Chheradwip! You can return to Chheradwip in 3-4 hours!

You can also go to Chheradwip by bicycle or on foot, but you can find out at low tide from the locals!

You will get 40-60 rupees for each dab!

Bicycles will be rented at 40 rupees per hour!

And if you can at 10/11 in the morning or at some point in the afternoon, you will come and sit next to the jetty, your mind will be filled with the color of the water!








There are also direct Teknaf buses from Chittagong, some buses leave from Cinema Palace (on the banks of Lal Dighi) at 12/1 pm, reach Teknaf in the morning, fare is 400 TK!





If you want to go to St. Martin from Cox’s Bazar, you have to go to Teknaf from the city first, the fare will be 150 rupees! You have to leave very early, otherwise there is a possibility of missing the ship!

It is not possible to catch a ship from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf by Marine Drive, it may be possible to do it by private car!

Many people want to go to Chittagong by train from Dhaka and then go to Cox’s Bazar / Teknaf by bus today and go to St. Martin, it is not possible at all! It takes 4-5 hours to go from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf is farther away!





Some requests-
Do not bring coral as a travel souvenir!
Do not throw indigestible things like water bottles, empty packets etc. there!

Many people are seen throwing empty packets of chips into the sea while boarding the ship, please don’t do that, warn your traveling companion about this too!


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