The desired destination of Budget tourists.

Nepal. Himalayan daughter Nepal. This SAARC country may be the best destination for those who are thirsty for low budget travel. Where nature has poured beauty into unskilled hands. Its beauty is everywhere along the way, in the ghats, in the hills, in the river channels. Where Sagarmata is standing with her head held high with arrogance. Where the white mountain stands with whiteness. Where Kanchenjunga calls with a handful of multidimensional beauty. Where the magical reflection in the clear water of the lake is moving it on the Machapuchare (Fish Tail in English). Nepal can be a perfect example of the fact that cleanliness, cleanliness or aesthetics have nothing to do with poverty. Those of us who keep the news of per capita income more or less, keep the news of annual growth. They must know that Nepal is less than our country. Yet they have an aesthetic city like Pokhara. Whether there is a white-skinned Westerner in the position throughout the year! You will find the cheapest hotel in the world in this Pokhara. But the opportunity is not less than convenience or aesthetics. To give an example, what is the lowest price you can get a hotel in our country? And what benefits do you think it can have? I think the list of difficulties will be bigger. The hotel I stayed at in Pokhara had a rent of 640 rupees. It had 1 master double bed and 1 single bed. The unique natural beauty of Fewa Lake can be enjoyed from the adjoining balcony. Nice spacious bathroom, only TV, water, 2 clean towels, soap, shampoo, aerosol. And the service providers were always smiling. Nepalis are very sincere. If you ask something, he answers with a smile. And if you want to know the address, it helps a lot. He even spoke to the authorities on his mobile phone to find our hotel.






About 80% of the total area of ​​Nepal is rocky mountains. Food grains are rarely grown there. So they have to depend on India for their daily commodities. It has an effect on food. So the price of food is a little high. Cheap taxi service is easily available for travel. And for long distance there is air-conditioned comfortable bus service. Almost all buses have free WiFi facility. The bus fare is not high.





Notable spots: Pokhara City
Sarankot, Mahendra Cave, Fewa Lake, Shanti Stupa Buddhist Temple, Bat Cave, Devi’s Falls, Remote Village, Gandhuk Village etc. Besides, paragliding, bungee jumping and rafting are very popular here.

The capital city is Kathmandu
There are Durbar Square, Sambhunath Temple, Raj Palace (permission required) and some world heritage. Which are now almost destroyed by the earthquake. Next to Nagarkot. Many people want to see the sunrise there.






Get US BANGLA AIRLINES return tickets in 15k – 17k. If you are not staying in a star hotel, you will get a good quality hotel for 500-600 rupees. If you want to eat rice, take Nepali thali. 150-175 Nepali rupees per plate. The total cost may be 22-25 thousand. With this budget, you can easily visit Pokhara for 3 days and Kathmandu for 2 days.

The beginning and end of the cost: There were two of us.
1. Return Air Ticket US BANLS = 14500 /
2. Thamel Hotel from Airport (400 /) per person = 200 /
3. Hotel rent 2 nights in Kathmandu (1400 /) per head = 600 /
4. Pokhara Return Ticket = 1100 /
5. 3 night hotel rent (1920 /) per head = 970 /
. Taxi fare spot visit all day (2200 /) per head = 1100 /
. Spot ticket fee all together = 300 /
. Taxi fare (350 /) per head = 165 / – on return from Kathmandu city.
Note that we have visited Durbar Square, Sambhunath Temple on foot. Because the distance is not too much. I also went to the hotel from Pokhara bus stop with the help of Google map. Distance 1.5-2 km.
9. Litchi, Mango, Chips, Juice, Indian Chocolate = 360 /
10. Breakfast, lunch, dinner (we ate Nepali Thali, biryani in a Muslim hotel, meat curry) = 2175 /
Hopefully this time you will have the opportunity to create a budget.

And they like Bangladeshis very much. They are also great fans of Bangladesh cricket.

Let me share a funny scene with you. As Nepal is a SAARC country, Bangladeshis get special status. If you submit only 1 copy of passport size photo and passport at immigration, you will be sealed in 1 minute and welcomed to Nepal with a smile. Next to me I saw white skinned westerners standing in a long line. They have to register with a fee. Where harassment of black Bengalis is almost heard in western countries. Seeing such a scene there is at least comfortable for my eyes!


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