The details of the India tour.

I went to India for the first time in my life. This is my first time leaving the country alone. I stayed in India for a total of 10 days and toured Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and West Bengal.

Anyway, let’s talk about when, where and how I came around.

I planned a month ago. I applied for Indian visa as per the plan and got it for the first time without any hassle. Since I was alone, it was normal to be a little scared. But in the end I overcame the fear.






Journey Description 6
2500 on Maitri Express on Dhaka to Kolkata train. I had to get up from Dhaka Cantonment. I bought the ticket 30 days ago. It is better to get a return ticket or you will not get a ticket on arrival.
I got off at Kolkata and took a taxi straight from there to New Market Area (Marquis Street). I exchanged money / dollars. I took a hotel for Rs. Taxi fare is 200-250 rupees. Plane straight from Kolkata to Delhi. I bought a plane ticket from Dhaka for one way ticket at 5500 rupees. He went down to Delhi and from there he recovered to Paharganj. The rent was 523 rupees. One day I went straight from Hotel A (Raj Mahal Inn) to the next day after checking out the room and the fare to Majnuka Tila is around 200 rupees. I like a restless hotel. Anyway, after reaching Majnuka Tila, I walked from there to Tanisk Holidays Travels. If you want, the auto rental can be done at Rs 10 per head. From there to Manali at 7.30 pm.












I bought a bus ticket. If the ticket price is 900-1000 rupees, it can be reduced, because I went with 650 rupees, but it is a little expensive to be able to come. After walking around in Delhi for a while, I appeared in front of the bus at 8 o’clock. It will cost 20 rupees for each bag to keep the bag in the luggage. The bus left just in time. There will be two breaks on the way, the first time maybe Haryana the second time Chandigarh I don’t remember my agent. Exactly 14 hours after leaving the bus, the bus dropped everyone off at Manali. I got down and became Thunder. Never got so cold before. From there I took a taxi and took the Mall Road fare of 50 rupees. I went there and got booked at the hotel (Hotel Manali Comfort). Rent Rs. 800 Double Bed. If you take Exta Heater, you will have to pay more than 300 rupees per day. If you open the window from the hotel, you will see a Bengali food hotel next to the huge iceberg (Sri Shanti Niketan). I liked the omelette of that hotel. After that I contacted the hotel for 1000 rupees and took a taxi to Snow Point. At that time Rathang Pass was closed. Dress for a stay on the ice on the way is available for around 250-300 rupees. After renting them, I went to stay in the snow for a long time. There was a light snowfall in the snow. From there I walked around for a long time and backed the dresses on the way to Old Manali. I went to Olnad Manali and left the taxi. Then I thought that if we didn’t walk without taking a taxi, we would have actually sold 1000 rupees, a little bit of road, or 1000 rupees? I took a picture under the bridge of Old Manali and went up Siri. I walked up the hill to Hadimba Temple and saw the pass spots coming from there. The next day I did some shopping and wandered around. There are good Kashmiri shawls if you can buy them with a little time and there are many beautiful show-backs. After two days, I flew to Delhi again and bought a ticket. The counter of the previous bus turned right at the main road of Manali and was on the right hand side. Bus at 4.30. I couldn’t reduce the time to come, I had to come at 650 rupees. The bus left at 4.30 pm. The bus dropped us off at Kashmiri Gate at 6 am. From there to Paharganj again. I got up at the hotel (Hare Krishna). It’s a bad hotel. The room attendant there says – “Hum Hindustaniko Bhai Mantehe, the rest of his Chaviko customer Mantehe”. Hotel rent is 600 rupees but if I had known before, I would not have stayed with 300 rupees. Online is one way and face to face is another. After that I booked a taxi from the hotel to go around Delhi for Rs. 1400 till 6:30 pm. If I had known earlier, I would have taken a taxi myself. Then I could save more rupee. I took a taxi and went out first to Delhi Gate and then to Indian Gate and then to Delhi Jame Mosque and from there to Jumma prayers.
I think so many people prayed together for the first time. After that I went to Delhi Red Fort, then to Lotus Temple and finally to Nizam Uddin Auliya. From there I went straight to the hotel and after dinner I booked a bus from the hotel to Agra. The price of one seat was 600 rupees. If I had known earlier, I would have shared the car without going to the bus, it would have cost 1200 rupees, so I would not have been deceived. After sleeping at night, a Honda took me to the front of the bus at around 8 in the morning. From there I went to Agra Taj Mahal Taj Mahal From there on the way to the Taj Mahal stopped many shops with which travel companies have contracts to bring customers. Anyway we got very little while touring Shahjahan’s Taj Mahal. Tickets for all the places like Agra Akbar’s Red Fort and Taj Mahal entrance tickets are given to the good bus owners who cut them themselves and they take more rupee and fear this will be the case. However, they leave the bus at the specified time for the purpose of Delhi. The bus took us from there again








Lee goes down. The next day flight to Kolkata. I bought a ticket from Delhi. The Delhi to Kolkata prize was 600 rupees. In the morning I took the auto to Delhi Airport. The rent was 400 rupees. Arriving in Kolkata, I rented Marquist Street from there for 400 rupees. After searching a lot there, I found a hotel (Raj Guest House) .. The hotel is really beautiful but it doesn’t look like that from the outside. From the beautiful 3rd floor. Room rent is 1400 rupees. The hotel rent in Kolkata is very high and the cost of food and drink. The next day I left for Victoria Memorial. Taxi fare 100 rupees. I just went to the ticket counter and told my grandfather to give me two tickets. He left me 20 rupees and returned the remaining 80 rupees. I looked at the side of the ticket and saw that 20 rupees was only for Indians and 200 rupees for non-Indians. Anyway, I went inside with a ticket. After walking around for a while, I went out through the opposite gate with my picture in my hair. Saved 160 rupees ha ha ha. I went back to New Market with 100 rupees to buy something. After that I took a taxi to College Street to buy something for my house. All fixed shops. No one can deceive you. Mohini Mohan, Adi Dhakeswari and many more. After buying and cutting from there, I came back to the hotel. The next day I took a Shyamoli direct bus from Kolkata to Dhaka for two days. The fare was 1400 rupees. India and Bangladeshi customs had to pay something when they arrived. I will not call it anything other than extortion. How are the police of India and Bangladesh trying to get money after wearing uniforms. They are harassing me if I don’t give them money. Anyway, after all the trouble, I got on the same bus again. We had no problem getting the ferry. But after crossing the ferry, the driver did not see anything else. The headlights are covered in fog and are not working. By Allah, the horn kept on ringing and I did not understand when I fell asleep. I opened my eyes and saw that many people were getting off and the bus was stopped. From there it did not take long to reach Kamalapur. The bus dropped me off at Komlapur around 3 pm. From there I got a rickshaw by the grace of God. Aslam rented a rickshaw for 50 rupees and left in front of the house. Getting up at home around 4 o’clock.

With this, my India mission ended with a lot of courage.


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