The Dreamy “Marine Drive”

 I said that Dreamy Because it took about 26 years to build the Marine Drive road.




It stretches from Kalatali Beach in Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf along the Bay of Bengal, which is now the longest marine drive road in the world. In 1993, the then government undertook the 48 km long Marine Drive project. After the construction of 2 km, its work was stopped. The road was washed away by the strong current of the sea. Construction resumed in 1995. The construction work was then handed over to the Bangladesh Army. Due to strong currents in the sea, financial crisis and lack of goodwill of the government, the road was not completed. Again the work started in 2008. The construction work of this project was supposed to be done in 2018 due to the hard work of Bangladesh Army but it was completed a year ago on 8 May 2017. During the construction work, on June 14, 2010, six army personnel engaged in construction workers died in a landslide. In my opinion, this road should be seen at least once in a lifetime.




There are several ways you can navigate this road
Walking, cycling, riding in a private car, with a moon car.
If you want to visit Marine Drive, you can visit Cox’s Bazar from any part of Bangladesh first and then Marine Drive in different ways.
And salute to those who have worked tirelessly, today we are seeing the real face of the dream Marine Drive.
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