The famous zamindar house of Tangail.

If you want to go around Dhaka, you can come back from Tangail.
Now that it is close and the road is good, you can go around in one day.

There are AC buses from Dhaka Kalyanpur to Tangail, Sonia / Exchange.
And only a few buses go to Tangail from Mohakhali bus stand, Nirala is the best. If there is no traffic jam, you can reach the police line road in a couple of hours. From there, CNG goes to Mehera zamindar house, it is possible to go either locally or reserve. The zamindar house is now being used as a police training center. However, there is an arrangement for visitors to enter and leave for 60 rupees for a ticket. The zamindar’s house has been renovated and made somewhat artificial. This is a problem in Bangladesh that cannot be reformed by keeping the design precise. A picnic spot has been created at the back, where it looks like a pond and a children’s park. For the rural people, it has to be called a modern park. Next to it was Rani’s pond, but it was forbidden to go there. The condition of the pond is deplorable, there is no water, only the ghat is beautiful. The day we went, the high official of the police came, there was a lot of compulsion, so we could not go around well!






From there I went to Delduar zamindar’s house. The huge yard or field of this manor house is very beautiful. Surrounded by high rafters though, we looked through the middle of the closed door. Laying carpets of green grass all over the field. And there was a huge tree with many birds. It looked good from the outside. There is a mosque in the pond, the people of the village still pray in that mosque of the zamindar’s house, we prayed the Jumma prayer there.
The next destination is Atiya Jame Mosque. It is really fascinating to see the craftsmanship of this mosque which is about 400 years old. At the back of the mosque was a large open space, there was a well (now abandoned). And a pond in front of the mosque. The shadow of the mosque falls in the clear water of the pond, which is also very nice to see. Next to the mosque was the shrine of Hazrat Shahan Shah Baba Adam Kashmiri (R), although I did not find anything to see there!
Finally I set off for Cortier. Kortia takes care of the zamindar house as it is privately owned. It is forbidden to enter there, then many restrictions cannot be taken. You can’t stay long. Of course there is another zamindar house behind Mulbari, there is a school there now, it is quite beautiful. Between the two houses there is a lot of vegetation, and a pond of four ghats. The pond may have separated the boundaries. Although there is no water now, the thin phase!





You have to have lunch in the middle of the tour. There are lonely hotels / Chinese hotels at the lonely corner. We ate at the Fanindra Hotel in Kortia Bazar, of fair quality, in fact there are not many good hotels there. If you want you can also eat at Delduar market. If you go to Tangail, don’t forget to eat Chamcham. Tangail is famous for this spice.
For traveling I would suggest to bring car reserve from Dhaka, then one spot can be easily covered from one spot to another. If not, it would be better to come to Tangail and reserve CNG. Because it is quite far from one place to another, moreover, convenient cars will not be available everywhere. If you take a reserve car and have time, you can see Pakutia and Baliati zamindar houses on the way back. Although they are in Manikganj, they are also very close to Tangail.

And those who want to return by bus, if the team is small, you can get up from Kortia or any such bus stand, the buses from North Bengal to Dhaka go this way, and if you want to return with a seat in the direct bus, you have to go to Tangail bus stand. From there you can get bus to Mohakhali / Kalyanpur. It is better to leave early if you get on the bus, otherwise you are more likely to get stuck in a traffic jam.
When I visited Tangail, it seemed to me that Tangail is a place full of natural beauty apart from the beautiful zamindar’s house. If there was a good hotel in Mirzapur / Kortia, more people could visit. Ordinary travelers want clean hotels. It would be good to have a hotel with room rent between 1000-2000 with some basic facilities. How is our neighboring country India earning so much in tourism? Tourists are getting everything they need, hotels, food hotels, rental cars, if they want. The hotels as well as the homestays are also quite good. If we start this practice here, I think, tourism will be a lot easier.








Avoid noise when traveling. Enjoy the beauty in solitude. The locals don’t seem to have a negative opinion of travelers. Get along well with them. They can help you with a lot of information.
Of course do not throw food packets or waste products there.
When taking pictures, do not take pictures near the installation.


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