The feeling of getting very close to heaven is here.

Location: Aru Valley, Pahelgam, Kashmir
Roads: Dhaka-Kolkata (bus) , Kolkata-Srinagar (air), Srinagar-Pahelgam (taxi), Pahelgam-Aru Valley (taxi)




Points to see:  Baisaran (Mini Switzerland) in Pahelgam, Betav Valley, and Aru Valley. These spots are famous, besides You can visit the village of the Locals, there are two or three lakes, Tulian Lake, Sheesh Nag Lake, there are a few temples, there is a park next to the Lidar river, if you want to visit the village of the locals, tell the hotel boy or horse owner.



I was stuck in the snow, the hotel was closed, a horseman took me to his house for lunch, bread, vegetables, and some kind of pulses.
There is a famous sweet in Pahelgam called Kalakanda or something like that, to me its a lump of milk. Those who like milk will like it.
If you walk around, you can see a lot of things.


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