The forest of Ranishankail is a place for guest birds.

Winter is really like a guest bird sanctuary in Ranishankail. At this time, different species of guest birds including Pankauri and Balihans can be seen in the trees and ponds. With the onset of winter in various parts of the country, including cyberspace, guest birds have come a long way in Ranishankail.




They took shelter in Ranishankail of Thakurgaon district and different parts of the country to get relief from the severity of winter. When the heat subsides in Bangladesh, the intensity of winter in the cyber region decreases. The birds then traveled thousands of miles and returned. Because in those areas, the winter mood is almost all year round.




Pankauri birds have taken shelter in a many-year-old Shimul tree in Keutan village of the upazila, which is standing next to the Ranishankail-Haripur main road of the district. As a safe haven, the birds have taken refuge here as usual. As soon as it is morning, they go out looking for food. At the end of the meal, he returned and spent the night in this giant shimul tree. Although there is always a gathering of people inside the village, it is their favorite and very familiar place.




“Every year at the beginning of winter, the birds come to our village and take shelter,” said Keutan. We do not allow any human to kill these birds. The birds have become very dear to us. Thousands of birds float on the water. Birds have become so popular in the area that no one hunts them. The people of the area also do not allow birds to be killed.

On the other hand, the traditional tourist center of the upazila, Ramrai Dighi or Ranisagar, is crowded with sand ducks. When these birds stay in the pond, the pond surrounded by greenery becomes quite attractive. So at this time the crowd of visitors gathers to watch the birds. Rows of litchi trees around the pond on one side enhance the beauty of the pond. The chirping of birds in the middle of it makes it more mesmerizing.

Hossaingaon UP Chairman Mahbub Alam said, “Winter is the time when birds come to our Rani Sagar every year. Now bird hunters know they will not die. The people of the area are very aware about this.

Police Officer-in-Charge Md. Abdul Mannan said that awareness has been raised by holding a meeting with the community policing committee so that the birds can hatch freely. There is no shortage of publicity in this regard. With everyone’s cooperation, the birds are safe.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Moushumi Afrida said the guest birds have become like relatives after getting the love of the people of the area. With everyone’s cooperation, the birds are safe. Extensive publicity campaigns have been launched to prevent anyone from hunting birds.


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