The highest mountain in Bangladesh is Tajingdong or Keokradong?

Keukradong – 3235 feet, Tajing Dong – 2722 feet. Keukradong or Tajingdong is not the highest peak in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, Keukradong’s peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in Bangladesh due to its 360-degree panoramic view. Note that almost all the highest peaks of the country can be seen with the naked eye from Keukradong. Anyway, when he heard the name of Keukradong in the textbook as a child, he wanted to climb to the top of Keukradong. Many like me may have wished but many may not have been able to fulfill the dream. Arrange us for them. We are not just embracing Keukradong, we are spending a whole night at the top of Keukradong.



Everyone likes Sajek to see clouds. But he who has seen the cloud once from the peak of Keukradong will not take Sajek’s name in his mouth. However, you can go to Sajek by car but you have to break a sweat by trekking at Keukradong. That is the difference.




Keukradong will see sunrise and sunset, surrounded by clouds, a vast mountain range. The most interesting thing is that Lala Bom, the owner of Keukradong hill himself will give us hospitality at the top of Keukradong.




And in the middle of these two places, it would not be wrong to soak your body in the beautiful shrimp fountain. Impossible refreshing will undoubtedly be an experience.

I will leave Dhaka on the night of 03rd and I will leave Chittagong on the morning of 4th.

Team size: maximum of 10 people. 6 of us confirm. 4 more people can go with us if you want.


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