The Karoldenga hills are a land of natural beauty.

The Karaldenga hills bordering Boalkhali upazila of Chittagong district are one of the most beautiful green lands of natural beauty. There is an eye-catching greenery in this green land of the mountains.

The greenery of nature, the Karaldenga hills, the serene surroundings are surrounded by a soothing atmosphere. Small hills, rubber plantations, lemon-guava trees, teak-mahogany, green desert at the foot of the hill. There are eye-catching elements scattered in this hill to attract the travel thirsty. The view of the eastern side of the mountain will also catch the eye of travel lovers. When you climb the mountain, the distant sky also seems close. This dazzling scene of green and light blue cannot be believed without seeing it with one’s own eyes.





This Karaldenga hill is located only 5/6 km away from Boalkhali upazila. Several villages have been formed at the foot of this hill for a long time. These villages can also attract travel thirsty people. The locals have a diverse lifestyle rich in culture. Forests, mountains, natural beauty and a different image of the struggle for life combined with mountain animals. Tourists can learn a lot about the locals.

There is a constant flow of water in this mountain. But in winter it becomes thin. Mountain streams never stop. This amount of water flows in your mind throughout the year. The scenic nature, pilgrimage and culture will attract tourists again and again.





Shrine of the famous saint Hazrat Bu-Ali Kalandar Shah located at the foot of the hilly forest. Not far from it, on the highest peak of the hill, is the ashram of Madhas Muni, known as the origin of Chandi. There is a legend that Durga Puja was first introduced from this ashram all over the world including the then Indian sub-continent. On the occasion of the inauguration of Durga Puja, thousands of men and women from all walks of life, irrespective of religion and caste, gather here.

How to get there:

From Chittagong city to Bahaddarhat-Bus Terminal you can go to Kanungopara by adding tempo at a fare of Tk 25 per person. From there you can go to Karaldenga hill by CNG for 20 TK per person.


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