The land of clouds or the sea of clouds!

You can call “Sajek” by any name, land of clouds, sea of ​​clouds or heaven. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Sajek, you have to stay in Sajek for 1 night.
I am sharing everything from the experience of Sajek travel with how to go to Sajek from Chittagong at low cost, where to eat, where to stay, what view you can see at any time. I hope it will work.




First step:
Going from Chittagong to Khagrachhari.
You can buy “Shanti Paribahan” bus ticket from Oxygen in Chittagong. Travel Oxygen-Khagrachhari. Ticket price is Tk. 190. Departure from Oxygen at 7.30 am, 8.30 am, 8.50 am.
It will take 3 and a half hours to reach Khagrachhari from Oxygen.
You have to rent a jeep to go down to Sajek from Khagrachhari market. Many people rent a jeep from Dighinala market instead of renting a jeep from Khagrachhari market to Sajek. In this case you can do it too.






It takes about 1 hour to go from Khagrachhari to Dighinala. The Oxygen-Khagrachhari 3 and a half hour bus journey from Chittagong will increase by one more hour. Ticket price will be 190 to 240 rupees.
I would request you to go to Sajek’s jeep from Khagrachhari market without going to Dighinala.
Getting on the morning bus from Chittagong, after completing the journey of 3 and a half hours, the first task will be to get off at Khagrachhari by 1 pm. If you do not fix the jeep to go to Saje, fix the jeep. If you fix the jeep in the first part through mobile, find the driver. Will help with all subsequent tasks.





Go to a hotel and have a hearty lunch. If necessary, ask the driver to suggest a fairly good restaurant.
Then go to a big cooling corner type shop and buy the necessary items. The first thing to buy:
1 / drinking water.
Because the price of water is much higher in Saje.
Have breakfast in the evening, eat rice at night, have breakfast in the morning, eat rice again in the afternoon. So calculate and buy water. We took a total of about 14 liters of water for 6 people.

2 / Breakfast in the evening, jhalmuri at night, banana-bread for breakfast, buy biscuits as needed. Because everything is more expensive in Saje.





3 / If you want to have a barbecue at night, buy chicken and other spices.

4 / Buy Pain Killer Medicine, Bandage and Common Medicine from Pharmacy.

Jeep rent: 6000 TK. 12/14 people can sit in a jeep. Even if you go with 5 people, you have to rent a jeep with that 6000 thousand rupees. This is a common fare. You have to have food and breakfast with you. The jeep driver will take care of the sleeping arrangements at night. You will only eat the food twice a day. Even then you will talk to the jeep driver about this.



Step 2:
Sajek from Khagrachhari … !!

After an hour and a half journey from Khagrachhari, there is an army camp. All the vehicles going to Sajek will reach there by 3:30 pm. All the vehicles will continue to move towards Sajek from the front.

The army leaves the camp in two shifts. It is 10.30 am and 3.30 pm.
Since it is not possible to go from Chittagong city to 10:30 am shift, you have to reach the army camp by 3:30 am.

The driver will do all the thinking to reach. Just to give an idea. I just told you to fix the car at 1 pm and tell the driver,
-Mama, Sajek Yamu.
-What do you do 🙂
The road to Sajeke is very risky. In some places it will seem that the road will match the sky as it rises from the bottom to the top. It is curved at an angle of 60/80 degrees. It seems that I enjoy the view sitting on the roof of the jeep but the risk is high You will be surprised to see the winding road and think,
– A road can be so beautiful.
Sajek will arrive at 6 pm. A token will be cut at the main gate of Sajek entrance for every seven people with 240 rupees. The next day you will have to show this token when you leave Sajek. So take care of the token. Give this responsibility to the driver.



3rd step:
Cortez rent … !!

Saje has a lot of cortege. You can rent it after seeing it. The driver will help you in this matter. Tell the driver what kind of cortege you want to rent in what budget. 2/3 people go with the driver from the car and rent the cortege.

Giving ideas about the cortex we were in.
Room rent is 2500 rupees. 3 people can easily stay in a double bed and 2 people in a single bed. You can take 2 more people by flooring below or take another person instead of 3 people in double bed. Total 6 people can stay. Only one night. If there are 6 people instead of 5 people The cost of the room will be a little less for you. There will be an attached bathroom.
I will give you some Cortez mobile numbers. If you want, you can rent Cortez at the same cost the day before you leave.
After breakfast, everyone will have breakfast. Then two people will have to go and order dinner. Otherwise, you will not be able to eat at night. If you order, food will be prepared for you in the restaurant.

Sajeke food is much more expensive.
We ate for 100 TK. The items were – rice, pulses (unlimited) with a little potato and an egg.

If you want to eat chicken instead of eggs, it will cost 150/175 TK.
Freshen up at Cortez, have breakfast with bananas and bread, pack up and head to the helipad. Sit on the Haripad and chat. Have dinner at 9:30 pm. If you want to have a barbecue, talk to the Cortez manager at the Cortez. Give.

I fell asleep at 12 o’clock at night. I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. Remember Sajek’s original

The beauty is seeing the morning clouds, touching the clouds, bathing in the clouds, watching the sunrise from the helipad.











At five in the morning, all the people of Sajak go to the top of the helipad to watch the sea of ​​clouds and the sunrise.

After walking for a while from the helipad towards Kanlak hill. After climbing to the top for about an hour, you will reach Kanlak hill. What you will see while climbing the mountain or what view you will see when you go to the top of Kanlak will be a surprise for you.

Then come back to the room at ten o’clock and have a fresh breakfast. Order lunch. Then go to Sajek and start taking pictures.

After lunch at 2 pm, go to the room and pack your bags. You have to get in the jeep at 3 pm and reach Sajek Main Gate by 3:30 pm.

The jeep will reach Khagrachhari town by 6.30 pm. He goes to the counter and pays 190 rupees for a ticket to Chittagong (up to Oxygen). At 7.30 pm, he leaves the Shanti Paribahan bus at 2.30 pm. Everyone goes to a restaurant and gets on the bus.
Jeep Driver Mobile Number: Joynal Driver-01865432800
Grand Sajek Cortez Mobile Number: Grand Sajek-01626414582


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