The land of mystery is beyond the reach of Egypt.

Egypt (Land of Mystery) 6
Egypt is an Arab republic, an ancient state in North Africa. Most of the country is located in Africa. Most of Egypt is desert. The Nile River divides the country into two unequal parts. Most Egyptians live in the Nile Valley and the delta region. Cairo is the largest city and capital of the country.

The visa system in Egypt is similar to that in Thailand / Malaysia. Agent visa fee is low. 5000-6000 TK each. It takes 5-6 days.
Plane rental
There are 2 flights from Dhaka to Egypt from Bangladesh. Fly Emirates and Kuwait Airlines. Fly Emirates Transit Dubai and Kuwait Airlines Kuwait. I bought tickets for Fly Emirates. My route was Dhaka to Cairo, Cairo to Dubai, and Dubai to Dhaka. Ticket price is 60,000-70,000 TK per person. Kuwait Air’s ticket price is lower than Emirates.



After arriving at Cairo Airport, we hired a taxi and left for our pre-booked hotel. Two places to stay in Cairo are popular. 1. Cairo City II. Giza City.
The best place to stay in Cairo City is around the Nile River. And if you want to stay around the pyramids, you have to stay in the city of Giza.
We chose the La Meridian Pyramid Hotel and it was in Giza. Our room was Pyramid View. The feeling of seeing ‘The Great Pyramid’ from the room was amazing! Hotel rent is confirmed by while staying in the country. Hotel rents vary in Cairo.
Giza is a city of old buildings in the desert. Modernity has not yet taken off here. Although the roads are wide. In this case, the city of Cairo is modern and foreign!



Must see in Cairo:
The main sight in Cairo was the pyramid. The pyramids include ‘The Great Pyramid’, ‘The Sphinx’, ‘Memphis’ & ‘Saqqara’. Tickets are required to enter each place.)) The price of each ticket in each place is 180-500 E.P.
There is also the ‘Egyptian Museum’ (ticket price 180 BC). This museum has all the mysterious archeological specimens of mysterious Egypt. Original mummies, furniture of kings, gold chairs used by Tutankhamen, beds, various tools including swords/knives. There is more Royal Mummy! Where you will see the mummy of kings and queens. Here is ‘Remesiss II’ meaning Pharaoh’s mummy! For this, you will have to buy extra tickets again (180 EPA). It is forbidden to take pictures. Strict checks are made. Even then, if you want to take a picture, you have to pay 500 EP for each picture! The current Egyptian Museum is located on the banks of the Nile River. Although the new museum is being moved to Giza (near the Great Pyramid) next year. Which will be the largest museum in the world. Its work is already 80% finished.
Don’t go to Cairo and travel on the Nile! So we also confirm the Nile River Cruise package online at night through ‘’. Package price 500 These include Hotel Pick Up and Drop, 2 Hour Cruise Tour, Buffet Dinner, Arabian Tanoura Show, Belly Dance. The price of this package varies from one cruise to another.
There are also more to see in Cairo, Citadel l, Old Cairo, and Khan el Khalili Bazar.

#Alexandria (City of Cleopatra):
Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Here was the residence of one of the most beautiful Cleopatra of all time! Here are the archeological specimens of Roman rule. Patterns of Greek and Turkish rule. A day tour from Cairo is offered here. There are also good hotels to stay the night if you want.
I take the package online from Package price USD 146. In the morning a car with a guide came and took us out of Cairo and reached the hotel at night. In the meantime, we tour every tourist spot in Alexandria. Our guide was local and spoke English very well. At noon we have seafood lunch on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is a newly formed city in the middle of the old city.
Must see: Fort Qaitbey, Corniche, Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, Pompey’s Pillar, Cleopatra’s Palace, etc.




# Sam-el-Sheikh
My next destination was Sharm-el-Sheikh. Sharm el-Sheikh is a small town on the shores of the Red Sea. Asia (Saudi Arabia) on one side of the Red Sea and Africa (Egypt) on the other. Sham-el-Sheikh can be reached by bus or plane from Cairo. It takes 1 hour by plane and 6-7 hours by bus. The bus goes from Cairo to Sham-el-Sheikh via Mount Sinai. However, buses are stopped at about 7/8 places and checking is done on this road. Which is annoying. We travel by bus from Cairo to Sham-el-Sheikh and from Sham-el-Sheikh to Cairo by Egypt Airlines. Oneway Air Fair 1000-2000 E.P.
Bus fare 250-425 E.P. We tie the best quality bus ticket (৫ 425). AC bus, dinner complimentary bus ticket, movie screen per seat, seat legroom fairly. The legs cannot be lengthened completely. The bus goes to Sharm el-Sheikh via Mount Sinai and the shores of the Red Sea.
At Sharm El Sheikh we book hotels at Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort. It is one of the main resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh. Green is a very beautiful 5-star resort with a huge area. This has been done by rubbing the lap of the Red Sea. This resort has great views and great arrangements. Here day and night programs are arranged throughout the day. There are many programs including kid’s games, fun games, quizzes, international dance, live songs. One day a week, one day. You can enjoy these as a guest complimentary! Again they have a great beach of their own. Snorking, Paragliding, cruise trip These also have arrangements. But for this, you have to buy a package.



The water at the resort’s private beach is so clear that everything can be seen with the naked eye, including the colorful marine fish under the water! This resort has a total of 6 swimming pools! There are 5 restaurants. Arabian, Indian, Italian, French, and seafood. There are dance clubs, there are bars. There are cars by the resort for commuting inside the resort, which come and go every 10 minutes. In a word, if you stay at this resort, you will not want to go out! We were here for 3 days. Sharm-el-Sheikh is an extraordinary city planned in the heart of the desert on the shores of the beautiful Red Sea because I took a sea-view room. There are also many more hotel-resorts in Sharm-el-Sheikh. They have different rates.
Must do & See:
Diving, Snorking, Paragriding, Camel & Bike Ride, Trip to Blue Hole, Mount Sinai climb & Sunrise view, Ras Mohammad National Park, etc.




** Tips:
-There are a lot of brokers in Cairo. Starting with the driver, they are full of tourist spots. Nonstop will bother for the guide! They are also abundant inside the pyramid area. The advantage of having a fixed guide for new travelers. Then others can be saved from irritation !! However, it is remarkable to cover the area around the pyramid by horse carriage! It will cost 300-400 E.P.
– Taxi fair in Cairo takes a lot more ৷ So Uber is the best option. Fair is much less.
-Money exchange is best done at the airport. There are fewer money exchange shops and fewer exchange rates in the city. One Egyptian Pound (EPA) = 5.12 Bangladeshi Taka.
– Everything has to be bargained.
-Food-chess Arabian. They eat more bakery items. Biryani and restaurants are arranged! Of course, we were on top of Arabian food !! Food prices are fairly reasonable.
-Language in Arabic. Quite a few understand English. Again, many do not understand!
-July-August is the hottest in Egypt. So this time should be avoided.



1 USD = 85 BDT
1 Egyptian pound = 5 BDT

This was the experience of Egypt in a nutshell! If anyone has pyramid curiosity, come back to mysterious Egypt without delay!


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