The magic of the magical river.

At the end of the year, everyone is in a holiday mood.
Some are in the country and some are abroad. Many people are planning to come to Sylhet but the beauty of Sylhet is in the rainy season !!!




So will you miss the beauty of Sylhet?
Anyone who comes to Sylhet can visit Sunamganj for one day.
You can leave Sylhet in the morning and return to Sylhet before nightfall.

You can reach Kumargaon bus stand by CNG from Amberkhana or any other place in Sylhet, then take a non-stop bus to Sunamganj for 90 TK, time two hours …





You will be able to walk down the new bridge a little before the new bridge or you will be able to get up. After crossing the new bridge in the auto, you will find the stand of the motorcycle, many drivers will want to confuse you. Handle very calmly.




We had a plan

From Sunamganj on the way to Takerghat via Jadukata river / Shimul Bagan, Bash Bagan, Barikka Tila and Jadukata river. I took two motorcycles for 5008 rupees including coming and going, they wanted 1000 TK.




If you leave at 8 am, you will be able to return to Sunamganj before a good evening.
There is no problem if the woman / girl takes people, except for 4-5 hours by motorbike, there is a hotel to eat at Takerghat.

My favorite place in the picture is standing on the Barikka Tiller and you can see the beautiful magical river whose water color is blue / green. The hills of Meghalaya are guarded by a barbed wire fence on the other side …


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