The modern train coming to the country will travel 2.5 km per minute.

Ages have changed, time has passed, the speed of railways, routes, services have all increased. But what it takes to increase this is the contribution of science. Rail is just science, from the measurement of its wheels, from the speed, from the driving force to the inner fan, AC, even the stopping of the train is science.





And the best offspring of this science is technology, which has changed every step of human life. The same is true of railways. New technologies are being applied and used every day. The application of making modern train is going on.

Like other countries in the world, Bangladesh has not stopped developing. The government is working day and night to build a digital Bangladesh. Bangladesh celebrated a Mahendrakshan earlier this year, when it qualified to become a developing country by UN standards.





Just a few years ago, the dream of the people of the country was Metrorail, which could only be seen in developed countries, now it is not a dream to be realized. In the area from Uttara to Agargaon, one pillar after another is standing. On the other hand, girders are made in Diabari. If all goes well, Metrorail will run on this route in December. Traffic congestion will be resolved.

This time the latest high speed coaches are being added to Bangladesh Railway. Its speed will be 140 kilometers per hour. This means that the trains are capable of traveling at a speed of two and a half kilometers (2.33 kilometers) per minute. Not only that, these seats will be more comfortable. The import value of each coach is 5 crore rupees.







Indonesian state-owned train maker PT Industry Kereta AP (Inca) has begun the process of lifting the coaches. In the next 15 days, 15 coaches will arrive at Chittagong port in the first shipment. After that a total of 50 broad gauge coaches will come in two more shipments. After that 200 meter gauge coaches will come in 9 more shipments.

Railway Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) Harunur Rashid said, ‘The coaches from PT Inc. factory Madiun are being brought in big lorries to their local port Surabaya. Coach Surabaya is being brought in these big lorries twice a day. ‘

The ship will leave Surabaya on January 20 for Chittagong port. Then in 12 to 15 days they will come to Chittagong. The coaches from Chittagong will be brought to Tangail on a special trolley carriage. Then the coaches will be taken to Syedpur by placing them on a broad gauge bogie with a crane. There will be a two-stage trial run at the end of the verification-selection. The coaches will be released for train operations in two to three months.

According to the Railway Traffic Department, the new coaches will be replaced on the trains that have the oldest broad gauge coaches. And when all the shipments are received, two more new trains may be launched.

According to the new coach purchase project, another 200 meter gauge coaches will start arriving next April. All the coaches will come in 9 shipments by May 2020.

CME Harunur Rashid said the new coaches are equipped with the most modern facilities in the history of Bangladesh Railway.


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