The Most Dangerous road in the world.

Leh is 490 km from Manali. It is considered one of the dangerous roads in the world. With the second-highest pass in the world, this road has been built to carry heavy equipment of the Indian Army.

This road is open only for 4 months of the year. In this album, the road you see in the middle of the white bare mountains has an average elevation of 4,000 meters, which is close to half the height of Mount Everest. Most countries in the world do not have mountains of this height.









The height of the highest road in Europe is 2380 meters which is equal to half the height of this road. At the end of this road is a pass called Tanglang La Mountain Pass which is 5,328 meters high.

At this altitude, the wind is so thin that ordinary helicopters cannot fly only specially made helicopters Can Fly. Due to the high altitude, no trees grow in this area. Which is why the whole area is actually a beautiful windless cold hell. And believe me, we lost this doze at night.






Departing from Manali, our plan was to reach Kelong by evening on the first day and stay in Kelong that night. But our driver told us “The next day is a very long journey. So we will not stop at Kelong and go further. There are many hotels there. You can stay there. ‘We thought it was good. Anyway, in the evening we Reach Kelang. The driver did not stop. I noticed that the car started to go upwards after Kelong. After that, the car was running in the dark for about 2 hours. Stay away from any hotel, not a single settlement was seen. The air level above him had become so thin that it was difficult to breathe if the car window was closed. Seeing the driver’s behavior, it seemed that he did not know this place exactly.







Another hour passed and no settlement was seen. The cold was so severe that the car windows could not be kept open. I only remember that we were going up and down the white hill one by one. I asked the driver again. Where is the hotel? He looked at the signboard on the side of the road and said 22 km away in Sarchu. As soon as I heard the words, lightning struck my head. As far as I know, there is nothing but a camp for some bikers in Sarchu. When I told this to the driver, he said with great confidence that Sarchu is a city. It’s all there. Everyone on the team believed him.

Shortly before Sarchu arrived, the car suddenly got stuck in a waterfall. The driver told us to push the car. After opening the car door and getting out, we realized that the temperature in the middle of the Himalayas is -5 degrees. With a gust of wind, we all realized that if we don’t get a hotel tonight. Then we can’t survive till tomorrow morning.

Anyway, the driver reached Sarchu. And when we went into search, we saw that there was nothing but bikers’ camp !!!! … a cool current flowed over the top of the spine. The driver is almost muddy. This is his first time talking to her. This is the first time he has ever been in the desert in the middle of the Himalayas.










Next, we get an army camp in front. When asked from there they tell us there are some houses for truck drivers to stay in front. You can stay there. Went there. By then, the faces of the two members of our team have swelled to about 1.5 times. One is seriously ill, and the others can’t move because of the cold. The cold was so severe that one of us went to the toilet and saw that the water had turned to ice. The car could not be heated even by running the heater. Anyway, that night we stayed at A Tin’s house called Shanti Hotel with a total of 6 blankets. The owner of the hotel is a woman. We have a picture with him at the end of this album. The next morning we set off for Leh. Almost everyone got sick on the way. Almost everyone vomits, swells their mouths, and suffers from shortness of breath. And the body becomes so weak that no one wants to take a picture at Tanglang Pass. Some people are thinking of flying back from Ladakh. We went down to take pictures at a place on the way. Then our driver suddenly said “Mujhe kavi paata nehi hey India me istara ki ek achhi jaga v hai”.


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