The mountains where the clouds have touched.

Sajek Valley is a new dream state for those who are thirsty for travel. The number of people who have been able to satisfy the mind by visiting here once is less. Every full moon in Sajak was enjoyable. In fact, the place is such like This. The crazy mind wants to go there again and again.



You can go to Sajek all year round. However, in the rainy season, the form of Sajek seems to increase several times. Even if you can’t get out of the cottage in the rain, you can enjoy the combination of clouds and mountains from the Room. The sound of tin ripples in the pouring rain and the rain of clouds in the mountains will take you to a new horizon of dreams.





Sajek is bounded on the north by Tripura in India, on the south by Langadu in Rangamati, on the east by Mizoram in India, and on the west by Dighinala in Khagrachari. Although Sajek is located in Rangamati district, its transportation facility is from Khagrachhari. Sajek can also be reached from Rangamati.





What to see Sajek and on the way to it
1: Alutila
2: Risang Jharna
3: Khagrachhari town and hanging bridge
4: Hajajhara Jharna
5: Ojosro hills
6: Ruilui Para.
6: Kanlak Para (Sajek’s highest peak)
6: Helipad
9: Churches





Get on the bus from Dhaka to Khagrachhari at 10 pm. Get off in front of Izor restaurant in Khagrachhari. After freshening up, you will go to Shapla Chattar after having breakfast with parota, fried eggs, and vegetables. Since last November 5, everyone has to pick up from here. The rent has also increased than before. Take the fixed moon car and go to Risang Jharna as soon as possible. From where the car will drop you off, go down to the fountain on your own. After a good time, you will get off at 9 o’clock and leave for Baghaihat. And if you eat too much time, you will pull towards the skirt. Write the name there, give information. From then on, you will enjoy the beauty of the mountains on both sides on the way to Sajek. Sajek will arrive at 12.30-1. There is no problem sitting on the roof, but of course, sit tight and do not pick up baby people. Arrive at Sajeke and go to the booked hotel. After freshening up, you will go to Chimbal Restaurant for a meal. You will find very good food in your needs and the food tastes better than in other places. After lunch and light rest in the afternoon helipad, runmay, church, various swings made by the army, the bridge will go around as you like. You must go to the helipad at the end of the afternoon. You can also see the sunset from the helipad. After dusk, you can walk to Dibbi in the evening. The helipad can be reached till 12 o’clock at night. Anyway, visit Ruilui Para on the first day. And order dinner as usual. If you want you can eat bar-b-que at night and also bembo chicken. If you want to spend the first night in the cottage, you can go out at night with your loved ones if you want.






You can get up in the morning and go to Kanlak Para, the highest peak of Sajek. You can do a little 10-15 minute trekking to get there. From there it is nice to see Sajek in the morning. Especially for the reason that the clouds that go to Sajek can be seen from here across the area. You can have tea there, you will get guava, you will get bananas. And yes, when you come to Chander’s car, you will buy one or two kadi bananas from Baghaichhari. Guarantee that you will not find such a fun banana anywhere. Ruilui will come down after spending the morning there. Order breakfast before leaving or the night before. Come and eat breakfast. After breakfast, you will see Ruilui again. If you want to see the hanging bridge, Alutila cave, come in the morning skirt. And if you just want to see the hajjhara, then you can leave in the afternoon skirt. You will come to the city to see the fountain.
If you want to come, you will see the hanging bridge. Arrive in Dhaka at 5-6 in the morning. On closing days, on festival days, try to book all tickets in advance. Otherwise, you may not get a ticket.

Note: The picture is taken from the page of Meghmachang Cottage Sajek


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