The national spring is Khayachara.

Everyone says it is a national fountain because there are very few people who have not gone to this fountain and have not eaten slippery. However, we are fascinated by the beauty of Khayachara in the rainy season, but today we will hear new stories, night stories, morning stories 🙂
Last week 6 of us went camping at Jharna No. 4 in Khayachara, had lunch at Jharna Hotel at noon and after a short rest the sun was saying goodbye on the hillside, just as the squirrels were hiding behind the palm trees we started walking towards the waterfall, 4 tents. With a torch, some dry food, and the glitter of the sky, they arrived at the desired fountain at one point, looking as if nature had already made a bed for us. Leaving the throats of your friends on one side and the tireless jhum jhum sound of the fountain on the other side will take you to another world 🙂 I hope it will not feel bad to walk barefoot on the dew-soaked rocks when it is covered in fog at dawn;) Attempts to be overwhelmed by the joy of breathing: D
How to get there: Take any bus from Dhaka to Chittagong, get off at Mirersarai, get off at Bara Takiya Bazar and walk for 10 minutes with CNG and start walking …
Take with you: Tent Dry food, warm clothes, thin blankets / sheets, water bottle (fountain water can be consumed)
Remember to travel, camp and do whatever you want, travel spots can’t be dirty, plastic bottles, packets can’t be expected. Travel with beautiful mind, love nature <3


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