The night char fashion is a celebration of natural beauty

Exterior lighting all around. Light at one end of the city and green at the other. Somewhere red, somewhere blue, again somewhere or city illuminated by green light. Somewhere again a mind-blowing mix of light and color.



Tall towers, amusement parks, and fashion squares – the whole city is full of beauty. It looks like a natural environment.



The image I have been talking about for so long is the image of Char Fashion Upazila Sadar in Bhola. Tourists are fascinated by the aesthetic facilities throughout the city. All these beauties have turned the city into a tourist city.




In this Upazila, there is a beautiful Jacob Tower. The darkness of the night enhances the beauty of this tower many times more than the light of day. There is no shortage of people interested in seeing the state-of-the-art 18-story 225-foot-tall Jacob Tower in Southeast Asia. People come here on different holidays including Eid. The tower has a lift. As a result, tourists can come here and enjoy the natural scenery of the surrounding rivers, seas, pastures, mangroves and localities through a telescope. And at night, the colorful light around the tower attracts more people who are thirsty for travel. Jacob Tower illuminated at night.



Other attractions in the city include Fashion Square and Sheikh Russell Children’s an Amusement Park. Even in those places, there is always a crowd of tourists. People of all ages are captivated by the aesthetic light during the day as well as at night.



On the other hand, the aesthetic fountain on the bank of the pond in the district council premises of Fashion Square also captivates the visitors. There is an LED TV on the premises along with colorful mitali.

The beauty of the night attracts the visitors more than the day of Char Fashion Upazila Sadar. So the visitors came from different areas to see the beauty of the night.

Local MP and former deputy minister Abdullah Al Islam Jacob have made Char Fashion Upazila a tourist city. In that continuity, one by one, eye-catching installations are being formed. Every day thousands of tourists from the district and outside the district come to see these installations.

Locals and tourists told banglanews that char fashion is full of natural beauty. Entertainment and travel-loving people get fascinated when they come here. Just as there is beauty during the day, so at night the city becomes a play of light.


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