The places of Comilla.

The activities of the tourist police started in Mainamati, Comilla. He has been seen patrolling the tourism spots of Comilla for several days. Talking to one of the SIs and his assistant, I learned that soon their office will be taken near Kotbari. At present, activities are being carried out from the nearest ferry. Now tourists can travel to the places of Mainamati and Comilla safely. Comilla is one of the best places to visit. He came from Dhaka in the morning and returned in the night.
Our popular places in Comilla are:
Shalban Vihar
Itakhola Mura
Rupban Murabar
Wire symmetry
Newly built Buddhist temple
Forest and Blue Water Park next to Shalbanbihar
Newly launched Sapna Chura Eco Park.


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