The story of New Elephant Road.

Let’s visit four regions in a day along the sparkling Border Road



At one time the road joining Meghalaya was very rough and muddy. But the road to the tide of development is now like oil. There is no car to drive mile after mile. Only occasionally a couple of tomtoms or autos. Sparsely populated areas. Occasionally a couple of settlements. Moreover, the whole hilly road is covered with forest. Next to the Indian border. The region is famous for its so-called elephant poaching. But I think historically the houses on the elephant movement have been hindered by spiked wire, but we humans are harassing the elephants.





Start from Boxiganj in Jamalpur. The road will take you to Srivardi, Jhenaigati, Nalitabari in Sherpur. Haluaghat of Mymensingh, Dhobaura to Durgapur of Netrokona. However, after the turn of Nalitabari Ali, the road will start getting worse. So those who go by their own car or bike can come near Nakugaon land port and turn right and go towards Sherpur Sadar.

Everything you will see:

Three eco-parks and forests including Madhutila, Lauchapara, and Ghajini.

Koch, Garo, and other indigenous people and their way of life.

Someshwari, Pagla, Karnajora, Morshi, Vhogai, and many more mountain rivers.


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