The story of the Devatakhum expedition in Bandarban.

Famous Boney M. Band’s ‘hooray hooray it’s a holi-holiday’ song three lines ‘Time isn’t here for wasting, Life is so full of sweet sweet things, I’d like to do some tasting’ Yes! There are so many beautiful things in life that everyone should feel! And there doesn’t seem to be anything more beautiful than traveling. When you travel, you will get real life experience. If you travel, you will learn, you will know how beautiful life is in a very practical way. If this brick, stone city is boring to you, life seems monotonous, then you should get out of your house now for an expedition. When you go on an expedition, you will realize that our life is not really bad, but much more beautiful. And if you want the feeling of mountains, waterfalls, khum, trekking, everything in one day! If you want a different level of adventure in life, if you want to float on the raft for hours in a very quiet, secluded, quiet environment, then Devatakhum of Bandarban is a perfect place for you! * _ *







The people of Bangladesh are not very familiar with Devatakhum yet! People just say no !! Excluding Bangladesh, many people in Bandarban do not know that there is an extraordinary Khum inside Roangchhari Upazila. Once you go to Devatakhum, you will realize how beautiful the place is. * _ * The more you go with the raft, the narrower the place will be! You will be floating in a place where there is very little sunlight * _ * and now is the best time to go to Devatakhum. It’s raining and Khum will be full of water, you can take the raft a long way!
So if you have time for one day (come on the night bus, turn around all day in the morning and back on the night bus again) go out for the purpose of Devatakhum!
Huge mountains on both sides, everything is quiet, floating on the raft! What else does it take * _ *







How do I go?
1. Bandarban first from anywhere. Devutakhum’s Route;
Bandarban> Roangchhari Bazar> Kachpatali> Shilbadha Para> Devtakhum
The way to reach Roangchhari Bazar from Bandarban is by bus / CNG. In case of buses; Roangchhari bus leaves from Roangchhari bus stand in Bandarban. CNG / auto is available from Bandarban to Roangchhari bus stand. Rent will be Tk 10/15 per person.
2. Bus from Bandarban to Roangchhari costs 60 rupees per person. It will take about 1 hour.
3. In case of CNG, you can get CNG directly from Bandarban in Roangchhari market. CNG reserve will take about 500 rupees
4. Now let me tell you, you will need a guide in Devtakhum and the guide will have to be taken from Roangchhari market. Because there is a police entry here + later there is an army entry in Kachpatali again. And your guide will take care of everything. And yes, before you go, be sure to take two photocopies of your birth registration / NID card. It will take time to enter.
5. From Roangchhari you have to go to Kachpatali by CNG. It will take about 30/35 minutes.
. After entering Kachpatali then trekking walk + hill trekking. After the tortoise market, you will not find any more shops, so if you want to buy water and food, you have to buy from here. It will take about 30/40 minutes to go from Kachpatali to Shilbadha Para. The path is a little difficult, so be careful
. Devatakhum is a 10 minute walk from Shilbadha Para. Then take the raft to the Khmer kingdom * _ *
. The way back is the same. Devtakhum> Shilbadha Para> Kachhpatali> Roangchhari Bazar> Bandarban.
9. Remember, the last bus from Roangchhari Bazar to Bandarban is at 5 pm. After that there is no bus. So if you want to go by bus, you have to stay in Bandarban. But you will always get CNG.

What must I remember?
1. First of all, the place is safe! Army area! There is nothing to fear about security.
2. Life jackets are good for those who do not know how to swim, because when floating on a raft, the raft can get stuck in the rocks and overturn. And the water of Khum is deep. So life jacket is the best If you are a little careful then there is no fear of going after the raft. But keep in mind, before life! So carrying a life jacket is the best option
3. Two people can get on one raft
4. You can have lunch at Roangchhari, Kachpatali or Shilbadha. But wherever you don’t eat, tell them in advance, they will make arrangements
5. When kayaking on a raft, your lower part will get wet in the water So in that case take polythene to keep the mobile camera safe. It is best to put everything in a polythene bag.
. Be careful while trekking in the mountains or floating in the river!
. If you want to stay the night, there is no better place to stay in Roangchhari, Kachpatali or Shilbadha. You have to come to Bandarban and stay the night.
. Guide charge 1000 TK
9. Vela costs 100 per person
10. Our guide Palash Dada: 01838717735
You can contact him before you go. He will be in Roangchhari market.

4 of us went. We were in Bandarban one day though. However, in the case of Devtakhum alone, the cost was around TK 2,100 including our return from Dhaka. We are traveling in CNG. However, the cost will go down a lot if you go by bus.


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