The story of wandering around Dhaka in one day.

This Eid holiday did not go anywhere. Last time I went to Nepal. I thought, one day I can see around Dhaka? Later it seemed that I was near Comilla and since it was Eid holiday I would get fewer jams. I read the post of a day tour in Comilla in some groups a long time ago. Such thoughts work.

On the fourth day of Eid, I left for Comilla with my two cousins. I was a little worried about safety but there was no problem Alhamdulillah. I went to Kamalapur bus stand and bought a Royal Coach AC bus ticket for 250 TK. Next to it was another AC bus booth called Asia Aircon. The ticket price is the same. Then I went to Comilla to see the beautiful scenery. It took only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I landed at Kotbari because from Kotbari to Shalbanbihar, Comilla University, Mainamati Museum are all nearby.



This time I took reserve CNG from Kotbari to New Shalban Bihar. I took a ticket for entry here with 20 TK. It is a Buddhist monastery and shrine. I have seen many monasteries outside the country. I will not compare with those monasteries. But it is a very quiet and secluded place.



Comilla’s New Shalban Bihar is one of the Buddhist monasteries or peace pagodas in Southeast Asia. Near the entrance of the new Shalban Bihar, there are a huge 30 feet high prayer statue of a golden Buddha weighing 6 tons. Beside the statue, there are two roaring lions of the same color in a royal posture. Besides, there are 3 big and 1 small golden motak standing around. The whole temple is decorated with various artistic works.


The metal statue was gifted to New Shalban Bihar by a Buddhist foundation in Thailand. This is a wonderful statue that was erected on August 15, 2014, and can be seen from afar.



Some time from here we moved to Shalban Bihar. It takes 5 minutes to walk from Nabshalban Bihar. I really liked this place but the crowd was a little too much. Next to it was the Mainamati Museum and Comilla University. Did not go there due to lack of time.



Then I went to Bird. Comilla will come but the bird will not see how it is! So to visit Comilla, you must visit Bird. Inside, there are all kinds of plants, botanical gardens, and what a beautiful secluded environment. After walking around for a while, I got out of Bird and took an autorickshaw to Kotbari Main Road and Cantonment in a microbus for 20 rupees each.
There are several hotel resorts in the cantonment. Better to eat in a convenient place. The best option is rice, pulses, meat. We ate at a hotel called Manihar. If you take local chicken, rice, and pulses, the maximum bill will be 150 rupees. However, you will know the price in advance or you will ask for the bill in reverse.



Then I took the autorickshaw again to Mainamati War Cemetery, the local people say it is a graveyard of foreigners or Christians. It is a Commonwealth War Cemetery. Burma, Assam, and Bangladesh.




After spending some time here, I went to the cantonment again and bought a non-AC bus ticket called Asia Transport for 250 TK because there was no ACB ticket. It would have been better if I had taken a ticket to Dhaka before going to Comilla or I would have left for Dhaka by going to Shasnagachha of Comilla. But the non-AC bus was not bad, the only problem was, time is more valuable to the driver than life. So was overtaking like crazy. I left at 7 in the morning and returned home at 8 at night. Due to lack of time, Rani’s factory and Dharmasagar Dighi were not visited. The CNG fare from the cantonment there is around Rs 300 as these places are towards the city.




Other places you can visit are:
Itakhola Mura
Rupban Mura
Four-leaf clover
Kotila Mura
Ananda Bihar
Bhoj Bihar

When you go for a walk, you must take sun cream, umbrella, water and snacks. And it is the duty of all of us to maintain cleanliness in any place, isn’t it ??
There is a holiday of worship ahead. So come back from Comilla. Quite a good place for a day trip.
Happy traveling


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